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5 Strategies to Consider When Designing Your Next Product
Not sure where to start? Here are 5 strategies to consider when designing your next product in the article below....
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Sony Invents Virtual Reality Display Visible To the Naked Eye
Using spatial reality to combine the virtual and physical world, Sony's new Spatial Reality Display creates an incredible 3D optical experience that i...
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All Good Things: Jony Ive Officially Leaves Apple, Closing Out An Era
He made a name for himself as THE Apple design guru, bringing to life such iconic designs as the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad yet, as with all good thi...
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Check Out Google’s New Design-Testing Tool Resizer
Google has a new interactive web design tool called Resizer, which lets you test how web pages respond to material design breakpoints across desktop, ...
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Adobe Launches New Quick Website Building Tool ‘Portfolio’
Adobe announced the launch of Adobe Portfolio, a new tool to help people quickly build personalized websites. When we say “quickly,” we me...
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GoDaddy Adds Logo Design To Small Business Services
GoDaddy just announced the launch of GoDaddy Logo Design Service, which gives customers a way to “refine their online image” with the help...
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The Power of Credibility Based Logo/Website Design To Achieve Higher Website Conversion Rates
I recently co-authored post doctorate research and an academic paper for the “International Journal for Human-Computer Interaction”. The paper con...
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Facebook Puts Women Up Front with Icon Redesign
Facebook’s friend icons have just received a redesign – and there’s more to them than better haircuts. Yes, both the male and female sil...
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Bing Copies Pinterest’s Approach To Image Search
Last week, Bing announced a redesigned image search experience across both desktop and mobile. The changes, it says, will result in more traffic to we...
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App Developer On Designing Apps For Apple Watch, Other Wearables
It remains to be seen just how popular Apple Watch will be, but there’s no question that that the era of wearables is here, and a lot of develop...
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How To Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly, According To Google
As you’re probably aware, Google is preparing to launch an algorithm change that includes a signal telling Google sites that are mobile-friendly...
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Get Ready For Google’s New Mobile Ranking Signal
Throughout the course of last year, Google made a bunch of moves showing that it was focusing on improving the mobile search experience for its users ...
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eBay Redesign Doesn’t Go Over Very Well
This week, eBay launched a redesign for its iPad app, and it doesn’t seem to be going over very well. The company appears to be trying to make i...
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Airbnb Goes Balls to the Wall with New Logo
I kind of feel bad for Airbnb. In a lengthy blog post, you can read about the company’s major redesign. This is a site-wide redesign that touche...
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This Video Explores How Color Affects Online Shopping Behavior
BrainCraft has a new video out looking at how color affects our emotions, and how it relates to our online shopping habits. Something to think about w...
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Google Makes Navigation More Customizable
Google just made its general navigation more customizable. In a Google+ post, the company announced that you can now rearrange the various Google apps...
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Google Tells You How To Make Infinite Scroll More Search-Friendly
Does your site utilize infinite scroll? When does right, it improves the user experience, and saves users from having to click over to multiple pages ...
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These Are The Best Designed Android Apps According To Google
Are you working on an Android app and want to know how to best stick to Google’s guidelines while inserting your own personality into it? Well, ...
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Kanye West Harvard: Kanye Gives Lecture To Harvard’s School Of Design
In case anyone needed another shocking moment of the day, Kanye West was the speaker at Harvard’s School of Design on Sunday. The controversial ...
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Matt Cutts Talks Responsive Design Impact On SEO
Google has put out a new Wembaster Help video. In this one, Matt Cutts discusses responsive design and its impact (or lack thereof) on SEO. He takes o...
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