PlayStation 4 Demo Kiosks Might Just Be Coming To A Store Near You

PlayStation 4 Demo Kiosks Might Just Be Coming To A Store Near You

By Zach Walton October 16, 2013

Does anybody ever play games at demo kiosks anymore? Anytime I walk into a GameStop, the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U demo kiosks just sit alone in a corner looking all mopey and sad. Well, Sony apparently still finds …

Dead Space 3 Demo Coming in January Dead Space 3 Demo Coming in January

It’s natural for gamers to be worried about the Dead Space franchise. The first two games in the series introduced fans to a new Sci-Fi survival horror game that was able to successfully implement heavy action elements to the formula. …

God of War: Ascension Demo Bundled With Total Recall God of War: Ascension Demo Bundled With Total Recall

The Total Recall remake may have been one of the summer’s biggest flops, but Sony is now looking to pump the movie’s video sales with one of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 games of 2013. Sony announced today that most …

Devil May Cry Demo Arrives November 20 Devil May Cry Demo Arrives November 20
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Whatever your opinions on Dante’s new short-cropped hair, it’s clear from the screenshots and trailers that the new Devil May Cry (DmC) certainly has imaginative art direction. The weird urban, cyber-punkish settings and the dizzying set pieces that have been …

Early Version Of Twisted Metal Demoed Early Version Of Twisted Metal Demoed

Twisted Metal, one of the PlayStation’s first original franchises, finally made its way to the PlayStation 3 in February. People have played the game and are enjoying it to this day. David Jaffe, the game’s director, saw it fit to …

More Fuel for the Social-Media-At-Work Debate

Not long after we discussed the stats, pros, cons, and variables for social media use in the workplace, here at WebProNews, UK firm Demos has been talking about a study that suggests that social media is in fact good for businesses. I’m still sticking with the "it depends on a number of variables" theory, but the Demos info is worth taking a look at either way.

Doing Product Demo 2.0

How many of you sell products that require salespeople to visit customers to provide a demonstration? If that sounds like your company, you’ve probably written off the Internet for that. Perhaps you use the Web to explain your product and to have prospects contact you, but you still need to to send that sales rep to the demo. Until now. Check out how some companies are doing Product Demo 2.0.

Google Missing Important Marketing Angle

I was just over reading Steve Rubel’s blog where he links to a BusinessWeek article about Google and its struggles to improve its business.

Monad gets renamed to PowerShell

Greg Duncan likes the new name: Windows PowerShell.

PHP:Form Series – Validators & Client-side Validation

Welcome to the first part of a new two-part series on the PHP:Form web component. In this part, I will give you an introduction to PHP:Form, its features, and why it is so useful. I will also discuss the inbuilt validators that PHP:Form supports.

Google AdSense Changes

Reports Pages Redesign – Google Publishers will notice major changes to their reports pages when logging on today.

Microsoft Demos Office Communicator 2005

Microsoft demonstrated its integrated communications client, Microsoft Office Communicator 2005.