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Delaware Shark Bite: Locals Startled By Rare Attack

Shark attack. If there were ever two words that could terrify a person into living a landlocked existence, it would be those. The level of fear that sharks create in people who’ve never even seen a shark in real life …

FBI 2012 Crime Stats: Tennessee is Most Dangerous State
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24/7 Wall St.com did an analysis last week of the FBI’s recently released 2012 crime statistics, but before anyone starts hastily comparing states, it should be noted that the FBI does remind people not to compare state violence in rankings. …

Turducken Of The Sea Baffles Scientists
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There is always a bigger fish. Isn’t that the old adage? A three feet long dogfish recently found this out. Scientists from the University of Delaware were researching sand tiger sharks through a tagging process where sensors are initially released …

3 Tickets Split $50M In Latest Powerball Winnings
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A much smaller Powerball worth $50M has been split between 3 winning tickets. The AP reports that a Florida resident is the third winner of the latest $50M Powerball award. The other two winners were from Louisiana and Delaware. The …

Quarterback Stabbing Arrest Made in Delaware

This weekend, a quarterback for the University of Delaware was stabbed. Police say that Trevor Sasek was stabbed three times in the chest and abdomen early on Sunday morning. Now, police have made an arrest in the case. 25-year-old Michael …

Former Miss Delaware: Probation Given For Alcohol Possession

The former Miss Delaware Teen USA has now been put on probation. Melissa King, who resigned from her position as Miss Delaware in February, has been hit with probation for the underage possession of alcohol, according to a report from …

Broadband Speeds Increase Worldwide
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The United States and China were the two largest attack traffic sources, accounting for nearly 50 percent of total traffic, according to Akamai’s first quarter State of the Internet report.

The top 10 portals saw about 90 percent of the attack traffic, with more than two-thirds of the traffic likely related to the Conficker worm.