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Bloody Torso Statues Arrive For Dead Island Riptide Pre-orderers

Back in January, Deep Silver, the publisher of the Dead Island games, announced the “Zombie Bait” special edition of their upcoming Dead Island Riptide. As many collector’s editions do, the “Zombie Bait” package includes a statue. This statue however, was a de-limbed, decapitated female torso. It was, quite literally, just a pair of bloody breasts covered by a small bikini. …

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The Cast of Dead Island Riptide Can’t Catch A Break

Dead Island Riptide, sequel to 2011’s popular open-world first-person zombie RPG, is set to launch in April. Besides showing off an offensive collector’s edition, we haven’t seen much of what the sequel will do with its tropical zombie setting. A new trailer offers a few more details. In the latest trailer for Dead Island Riptide, it reveals that the party …

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Dead Island Has Sold Over Five Million Copies

Deep Silver, the publisher of Dead Island, announced today that its zombie island adventure has sold over five million copies worldwide. Though the game received only lukewarm reviews when it was released in 2011, the teaser trailer for the game remains one of the most memorable in gaming history. “While others focus on ever-increasing development budgets and driving brand messages …

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Apology Issued For Bloody Torso Statue

Yesterday Deep Silver announced the “Zombie Bait” collectors edition of its upcoming Dead Island Riptide. In keeping with the zombie apocalypse theme of the game, the requisite statue included with the bundle was a representation of a de-limbed, decapitated zombie torso. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but the statue is female and the only part of the statue not …

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Dead Island Riptide CE Features Busty, Bloody Torso

Deep Silver, the publisher of Dead Island, today announced a “Zombie Bait” edition of its upcoming Dead Island Riptide. In a move that’s sure to please groups calling for video games to tone down their violence in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, the package includes a foot-tall, hand-painted resin statue of a de-limbed and decapitated female torso. …

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