The Cast of Dead Island Riptide Can't Catch A Break

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Dead Island Riptide, sequel to 2011's popular open-world first-person zombie RPG, is set to launch in April. Besides showing off an offensive collector's edition, we haven't seen much of what the sequel will do with its tropical zombie setting. A new trailer offers a few more details.

In the latest trailer for Dead Island Riptide, it reveals that the party from the first game find themselves on a military ship. Soon after, the ship crashes on a new island with a new zombie infection to deal with. The government wants to cover up the situation by nuking the island. It's a decent idea, but one that probably won't bode well for the future if the Resident Evil franchise is any indication.

Dead Island Riptide will launch across the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on April 23.

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