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PS4 Games: Which Ones Are You Picking Up This Week?

PS4 games are not exactly a commodity at this point in time. Sony’s new console is less than six months old and it still only has a handful of games. That’s to be expected in a console’s first year on the market, but there’s a lot of quality content hitting the PS4 this week. The PlayStation Blog announced over the …

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Daylight Gets Hit With Last Minute Delay, Will Now Be Out April 29

Since it was announced last year, Daylight has been one of the more interesting games coming to the PS4. The procedurally generated survival horror game was originally slated to hit the PS4 and PC on April 8, but now the developers have pushed that date back by just a bit. Zombie Studios announced today that Daylight will now hit the …

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‘Daylight’ Coming to PS4, PC on April 8

Leave it to the indie market to pick up the slack from larger publishers. The Amnesia series has proven that the survival horror genre is not dead, spawning a new trend with games such as Outlast and Slender. Zombie Studios today announced that the next entry into the non-combat survival horror genre is set to scare gamers this spring. Daylight …

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Daylight Conjures Up New Scares Each Time You Play

Games that offer up procedurally generated content are nothing new. In fact, roguelikes and dungeon crawlers have been doing it for years. The games have received more attention lately thanks to games like Minecraft though. Now Zombie Studios is trying their luck at making a procedurally generated horror game. Daylight, a new game from Zombie Studios and Atlus, attempts to …

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Daylight Brings Randomly Generated Horror To The PS4

It’s rare to see horror games on consoles anymore. Unless it has empowering weapons or a dudebro protagonist, horror games just don’t exactly sell that well. A new game hitting the PS4 next year may change that. Zombie Studios have announced Daylight – a procedurally generated horror game for the PS4 and PC. The game features no weapons whatsoever. Instead, …

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