'Daylight' Coming to PS4, PC on April 8


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Leave it to the indie market to pick up the slack from larger publishers. The Amnesia series has proven that the survival horror genre is not dead, spawning a new trend with games such as Outlast and Slender.

Zombie Studios today announced that the next entry into the non-combat survival horror genre is set to scare gamers this spring. Daylight will be released for PlayStation 4 and PC on April 8 and will cost only $15.

Daylight is a new game from the studio behind Blacklight: Retribution and Blackwater. The horror game throws players into the shoes of a young woman who wakes up in an abandoned hospital. From there, players must navigate procedurally-generated levels in an effort to escape, dodging the unknown terrors that are also procedurally generated.

In addition to the release date announcement, Zombie released a few more details about features coming to Daylight. The game can be played in 3D through compatible 3DTVs or monitors, though playing it on an Oculus Rift (with which it is also compatible) would certainly make it even more immersive.

Daylight will also use the PS4's Twitch streaming capabilities in a very unique way. While players are streaming the game through Twitch, people using Twitch chat can enter commands to make events (such as noises) occur in the players' game. The functionality operates on a timer to prevent spam. Zombies will not be releasing a list of commands, preferring instead for players and viewers to discover them for themselves.