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David Spade Won’t Put Up With ‘Pissy’ Women

David Spade is known as the smarmy, acerbic boy in Hollywood comedy. As one half of a comedy team with Chris Farley, Spade took the classic fat guy/skinny guy team and ran with it. Then Farley died. Spade has held his own in many ways, but he knows good and well he is not an A-list comedy name. “I’m not …

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Lara Flynn Boyle Compared Jack Nicholson To Donald Trump

Lara Flynn Boyle and David Spade were a thing for a while. Then Lara Flynn Boyle was suddenly with Jack Nicholson, a relationship that carried on for about two years. In an interview with Details Magazine, David Spade now reveals how he found out that Lara Flynn Boyle and Jack Nicholson were dating. Pretty much the same way everyone else …

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‘Honest Bachelor’ Spoofs The Bachelor Season Finale

David Spade gives us the “Honest” Bachelor, a swear-laden rendition of “The Bachelor”. In this version, Ben Flajnik returns to another season of The Bachelor a little bitter and jaded from the events of the previous season. He then proceeds to verbally abuse all the women in the room with language that would make a Comedy Central Roast look tame. …

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