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Facebook, Twitter Get Smacked Down In Geeky Rap

Geeky rap artist, self proclaimed logic promoter, skeptic, and advocate for politiccal change Dan Bull is back with a couple of social media-oriented raps that ask some interesting questions about Facebook and Twitter. For one, what the hell is wrong with Facebook chat? Oh, they supposedly fixed it? Ok, you’re right, it does works much better than it used to. …

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Dan Bull Is Back Again, Rapping About Megaupload

In case you haven’t heard of him, Dan Bull is an English fellow who promotes himself as a “Geeky rap artist promoting logic, skepticism and political change through merciless teasing.” Aside from that, Bull also inspired one of WebProNews’ “controversial” lead image, courtesy of his anti-SOPA rap. Bull’s latest effort — and it’s a good one — focuses on the …

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