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(NSFW) Dan Bull’s Anti-SOPA Rap Is Dope, Timely

Ah, SOPA. My good friend. We just can’t quit each other. Of course, when masterful content continues to pour out, all in the sake of defying you, there’s really no reason to quit, now is t...
(NSFW) Dan Bull’s Anti-SOPA Rap Is Dope, Timely
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  • Ah, SOPA. My good friend. We just can’t quit each other. Of course, when masterful content continues to pour out, all in the sake of defying you, there’s really no reason to quit, now is there? While the protection act(s) — don’t forget about PIPA — are in a state of limbo, the topic certainly has not gone away, and considering the average attention span of today’s Internet user, that says something.

    To a degree, the Internet’s dogged coverage of all things SOPA/PIPA has put the #Occupy movement on the back burner. The topic is such a hot-button issue, the mainstream media has finally hitched its wagon as well. Hopefully, there won’t be any attractive white females that go missing when the protection acts reenter the hearings sphere, at least in regards to MSM coverage. Media coverage jokes aside, this next piece of anti-SOPA content comes courtesy of Dan Bull, a British rapper, who offers “SOPA Cabana,” a surprisingly impressive track that discusses Internet freedom from a past-tense point of view, operating under the guise the protection acts have already passed.

    Now, it should be noted that SOPA and PIPA are American government pieces of legislation, clearly. However, consider two things: First, SOPA has been loud and proud about its preference for foreign infringers, and considering Bull lives in England and is a rapper who has used samples in his beats, well, it’s easy to see why Bull fears the protection acts.

    Bull explained his postion to TechDirt

    Firstly, it threatens the future of the internet, which is something far more valuable both commercially and socially than the entertainment industry ever has been, or ever will be.

    Secondly, creativity is all about interpreting and re-imagining what you see and hear around you. The idea that creativity exists in some kind of vacuum, and that you’re not a real artist unless you can make something “completely original” is not only stupid, it contradicts the most fundamental axioms of how the universe works. Everything is influenced by something else. If we want a richer cultural landscape, we should embrace remixes, embrace mashups, and embrace sharing, not cling to ideas as pieces of property.

    Thirdly, the internet is an amazing new forum for free speech and holding those in power us to account. The idea that governments and even private corporations can police the internet and decide what people on a global scale are allowed to say and hear is tyrannical.

    And so, you see why Bull thought such a thoughtful song was necessary. Speaking, here’s the video in question:

    Most impressive.

    Over at the video’s YouTube page, there’s also a note from Bull, as well as a link to a free download of the song. The note says:

    I want to send massive thanks to every single person who contributed to this video, you’re all awesome. A number of you didn’t make the final cut, but I value your effort and enthusiasm as much as everyone else. Let’s keep the internet free. Stop SOPA.

    The song’s lyrics, according to TechDirt’s description, were comprised of Twitter suggestions. From there, Bull took to his Facebook page, asking followers to take pictures of themselves holding signs of various lyrics, hence the apology in his YouTube note.

    For my money, this is one of the better anti-SOPA pieces out there. The sad thing is these things are even necessary to begin with.

    As for the article’s lead image (link courtesy), it is a curse word-filled reaction that sums up the feelings of the anti-SOPA movement quite well. Sure, it could be worded in a more professional manner, but sometimes, a more direct, in your face approach is necessary. We apologize if anyone was offended by the image’s content.

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