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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Revealed At VGX

Sony kicked off the next generation of gaming with a selection of games that I referred to as super HD remakes. They were ports of PS3 games upscaled to 1080p and made to run at 60 FPS. I predicted that more studios would take last gen games and port them to next-gen hardware, and it looks to be already happening. …

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New Tomb Raider Trailer Recites Lara’s Qualities

It’s less than one week before the release of Tomb Raider, and Square Enix is acting supremely confident of its classic franchise reboot. The publisher has released the embargo on reviews of the game a week before the game ships, and early reviews are good. This is despite all of the seemingly hard-to-fulfill promises that were made by the Tomb …

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New Tomb Raider Trailer Features More Battered Lara Croft

The dirty, distressed, and broken Lara Croft seen at this year’s E3 was fairly shocking. Though she was wearing more clothing than is normally seen in advertisements, the suffering she endured was visceral and tinged with a darker type of sex appeal. This weekend, the first real trailer for Tomb Raider premiered during the Spike Video Game Awards. The new …

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Tomb Raider Pre-Order Exclusives Announced

I really dislike retailer-exclusive content deals. For some gamers, knowing that there is content for a game they enjoy that they will never get to play because they didn’t pre-order three or four copies of a game is a travesty. For now it’s only useless character skins and half-baked DLC missions, but I fear the future might bring a gaming …

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Tomb Raider Reboot Gets A E3 Trailer, Release Date

What’s old quickly becomes new again, especially in a video game industry that absolutely loves capitalizing on well known brands, regardless if the demand is there or not. The thinking is in line with “they don’t know they want it until we let them know it exists.” From there, the buzz and hype machines will take care of the rest, …

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Tomb Raider Fans React to the Game’s Delay

Tomb Raider, the next game in the Tomb Raider franchise has been delayed until an undetermined date in early 2013. The game, which will “reboot” the Tomb Raider series was originally set to be released sometime this fall. In it, the origin story of a redesigned Lara Croft is told as she explores a “forgotten” island. The announcement came on …

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