New Tomb Raider Trailer Recites Lara's Qualities


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It's less than one week before the release of Tomb Raider, and Square Enix is acting supremely confident of its classic franchise reboot. The publisher has released the embargo on reviews of the game a week before the game ships, and early reviews are good. This is despite all of the seemingly hard-to-fulfill promises that were made by the Tomb Raider's creators about Lara Croft's character growth and the series' new direction.

Now that the time has come for Square Enix to market the game to more casual gamers who might need to be convinced to play as a female character, the publisher has released a new trailer that makes the game appear to be the most action-packed game since the last Call of Duty. It features short cuts of the action interspersed by a multicultural group of actors who declare the different qualities that they, as Lara, possess. These qualities include being fast, bold, brutal, agile, tough, daring, courageous, dangerous, and strong. It's like the Boy Scout motto, if the Boy Scouts were founded by a high school football coach prone to "motivational" locker room speeches.