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Why Families And Singles Are “Cruising” This Summer

Commissioned news story (Source: Holiday Cruise LIne) Whether you are looking to plan the perfect family vacation or looking for a romantic getaway, cruises offer the perfect budget friendly vacation for everyone. Among the most popular vacations for families this summer are Orlando, England, Jamaica, MSC Cruises, Tahiti, South Florida, and of course the Bahamas. InsureMyTrip, a travel insurance comparison …

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Caribbean Vacations Take A Quantum Leap Into The Future

Caribbean vacations are what some might call the perfect getaway. It’s not all sunshine though as cruise ships aren’t exactly a favorite among all travelers. Some might even be more skeptical after a number of high profile disasters on cruise ships over the past few years. Royal Caribbean wants to change all that. Business Week reports that Royal Caribbean has …

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Caribbean Cruises May Not Be Affordable For Long

When you think of an all-inclusive cruise, the word “affordable” may come to mind. For many people, cruises are a great way to enjoy traveling with their family or friends without spending more money they than can afford. When you book an all-inclusive Caribbean cruise, you can rest assured that your meals and entertainment are included. One of the most …

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Titanic II Interior Design Revealed [Video]

In case you haven’t heard, they’re making a Titanic II. Not a sequel to the James Cameron movie, but a sequel to the actual ship. The project was announced last April by Australian tycoon Clive Palmer, as the flagship of Blue Star Line, his cruise company. The plan is for it to launch in 2016. The ship’s blueprint has now …

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