Caribbean Cruises May Not Be Affordable For Long


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When you think of an all-inclusive cruise, the word "affordable" may come to mind. For many people, cruises are a great way to enjoy traveling with their family or friends without spending more money they than can afford.

When you book an all-inclusive Caribbean cruise, you can rest assured that your meals and entertainment are included.

One of the most popular Caribbean cruise lines is Carnival, but they say that the time of cheap Caribbean cruises may be coming to an end.

Carnival has had a very successful year and made more money than expected in the second quarter, with $106 million in profit exceeding the $41 million earned in the same period last year.

Carnival isn't the only cruise line offering cruises throughout the Caribbean and the competition has started offering extreme discounts in order to win customers over.

Carnival however says that they do not plan to offer extreme discounts and believe that eventually their competitors will stop too.

“We’re making every effort to maintain price integrity despite aggressive pricing moves by some of our rivals,” Carnival Chief Executive Arnold Donald said.

By 2015, Carnival plans to have less ships sailing the Caribbean than what they do now, and this means prices for the fewer cruise cabins will become higher.

"We’re holding the price and giving up the occupancy, and that’s worked very well for us over the last year,” Chief Financial Officer David Bernstein said. “We’ll keep looking at that.”

If you are hoping to enjoy an affordable cruise through the Caribbean, now may be the time. Don't miss out on the cheap prices or put off your cruise thinking prices are going to get better.

How do you feel about Carnival's attitude towards cruise pricing and how high do you think the prices could go?

Image via Wikimedia Commons