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Crowd-Sourced Science Actually Works, Shows Study

For a few years now NASA and other scientific researchers have been using the collective power of the internet to help gather data for scientific research. In addition to older projects that crowdsource computing power for math-intensive research, other projects such as classifying space clouds and spotting early planetary systems have begun gathering data using the human touch. Now a …

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RoboCop Gets A Crowdsourced Movie Remake

Are you disappointed in the new RoboCop movie? Don’t like how they managed to ruin your childhood with a PG-13 rating and a very unfamiliar and overtly “modern” looking Robocop and unfaithful storyline? How about something more absurd? Our RoboCop Remake  is a crowdsourced remake of the original 1987 version of RoboCop that smushes the work of 60 scenes made …

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