Player Gets Creative With Dishonored Assassinations [VIDEO]

Player Gets Creative With Dishonored Assassinations [VIDEO]

By Sean Patterson October 12, 2012

The reviews for Dishonored were overwhelming great. The game was lauded for its stealth gameplay, level design, and imaginative art direction. The phrase “game of the year” popped up more than once. The one negative aspect of Dishonored that took …

Careful How You Use Flickr Images

When I started my music podcast, I needed an apporpriate image for the podcast blog. I found an ideal image on Flickr accompanied by a Creative Commons attribution share-alike license. The image of an electric guitar neck now graces the JamJourney blog.

SES – Session: Video Search Optimization

Multimedia Track, Tuesday 3:15 – 4:30 PM

SES: The Ad Everyone Wants To Read

Compelling ads don’t have to be a hidden Grail, accessible only to scruffy types in fedoras. At SES San Jose, panelists for the Creating Compelling Ads session emphasized testing and relevance as keys to success.

Yahoo Publisher Network Attacked By Clones
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This isn’t some Phantom Menace grabbing content from a Yahoo blog, but another blogger who’s dropped a whole YPN post into a blog and slapped ads alongside it.

Blogging & Paper Clips

I was reading two posts yesterday that you would think were completely unconnected, however were really amazingly close in concept.

The first comes from Seth’s Godin who writes

Ooga Labs Cooking In Creative Secrecy

Google’s known as the company with a “different” kind of corporate culture.  Call Ooga Labs “really different,” then – these guys play Calvinball, a game in which “the only permanent rule . . . is that you can’t play it the same way twice.”  Between matches, Ooga’s employees apparently work on stuff like search engines and social networks.

Companies Need Creative Hiring Solutions
I just took a web design survey. It took me less than four minutes, if that, thanks to the multiple choice options and easy questions. What slowed me down was the chance to speak up about women, driving long distances to work and single parenting.

SES – Mobile Search Site Creation and Optimization

The following is coverage of the Search Engine Strategies (SES) New York presentation called “Mobile Search Optimization” by Cindy Krum of Blue Moon Works, Gregory Markel, President of Infuse Creative LLC and Rachel Pasqua, Director of Mobile Marketing at iCrossing.

Adobe Launches Creative Suite 3
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Adobe Systems has launched their Adobe Creative Suite 3 product line, the company’s largest software release in their 25-year history. The product line offers integrated design and development tools for graphic artists and web designers.

Creative Suite 3 brings together Adobe and Macromedia products that will give designers and developers a number of options for print, Web, mobile interactive, film and video production.

Picasa Upgrades, Falls Short Of Flickr

Picasa is owned by Google, so it’s always been a bit vexing that the site’s search function lagged behind Flickr’s. Google is apparently taking steps to remedy the situation, as a new update allows users to “[d]iscover and explore public photos posted by others in the Picasa Web Albums community.”

Creative Commons 3.0 Launched

Creative Commons, the non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative work available for others legally to build upon and share, has launched version 3.0 of their copyright licenses.

Ideal Networking Tips for the Creative Entrepreneur

These tips are ideas that I have used successfully and often recommend to other creative entrepreneurs.

Picasa Web Adds Search and Tags

Google’s “Flickr”, Picasa Web Albums, added the ability to add tags, and also, to search your photos (and it seems only yours, or those albums you added to your favorites, which kinda sucks – my favorite Flickr feature is still their Creative Commons search).

Socialtext Proposes Attribution Provision

When going through the process of opening Socialtext, we need to choose a license that is a fit for a commercial open source company. Commercial open source strikes the balance between freedom and profit motive, and the license you choose becomes a contract not just for the company, but a community.

Microsoft Should Invest in Marketing

Microsoft’s annual Employee Giving Campaign raises $63 million for various chartiable organizations, and receives almost no media coverage. Meanwhile search engine giant Google donates $30 thousand to Creative Commons, generating 2100 times the media coverage of Microsoft.

Google Brings Samba, CC Early Gifts

Samba and Creative Commons, both with ties in the open source community, benefited from Google’s largesse, an early present to a pair of organizations for the holidays.