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Crazy Taxi Comes To Mobile In City Rush

Crazy Taxi is one of the greatest arcade games ever made. Sega recognizes this, and has milked the franchise over the years with ports to consoles and mobile devices. Now after all the ports – the original creator of Crazy Taxi is back with a brand new title exclusively for mobile devices. Sega announced this morning that Crazy Taxi: City …

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Sega Finally Brings Crazy Taxi To Android

Crazy Taxi is one of the greatest arcade games ever made, and it was even better on the Dreamcast. The latter has been ported to pretty much every platform ever, including iOS, but it was still missing on Android. That all changes today. Sega announced that Crazy Taxi is now available on Google Play for a host of Android devices. …

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Crazy Taxi Out Now For iOS, Coming To Android Soon

Sega redefined the teaser earlier this week with an 11 second trailer that only told us that Crazy Taxi was coming to iOS. The teaser also indicated that the original soundtrack from the arcade, which included tracks from The Offspring and Bad Religion, would remain intact. Both of those appear to be the case now that the game is actually …

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Crazy Taxi Is Coming To iOS Devices Soon

What is the greatest arcade game ever made? If you said anything besides Crazy Taxi, you would be wrong. For many years, Sega’s taxi sim has been one of the first things you should look for when entering an arcade. Arcades are a dying breed, however, and you need to get your Crazy Taxi fix. Until now, the game has …

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