Crazy Taxi Is Coming To iOS Devices Soon


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What is the greatest arcade game ever made? If you said anything besides Crazy Taxi, you would be wrong. For many years, Sega's taxi sim has been one of the first things you should look for when entering an arcade. Arcades are a dying breed, however, and you need to get your Crazy Taxi fix. Until now, the game has only been available on game consoles, but it will soon be on everybody's favorite mobile devices.

Sega announced today that Crazy Taxi will be launching on iOS devices - iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - in the near future. They even shared a short teaser trailer that redefines the meaning of short:

The trailer is only 11 seconds long, but it does serve one very useful purpose. It confirms that the music from the original game is back. The recent rereleases of Crazy Taxi on game consoles removed the music from The Offspring and Bad Religion as Sega had lost the rights. It seems they got the rights back for the iOS release. Here's hoping the games get updated on consoles to include the music as well.

It's no secret that Sega has been hurting the past few years. A renewed focus on mobile is definitely going to help them make some cash as they work on major AAA console titles like next year's Aliens: Colonial Marines. Speaking of Sonic, Sega also has a new Sonic game called Sonic Jump launching on iOS devices soon.

Crazy Taxi, Sonic Jump and whatever else they can cook up will hopefully make Sega one of the few traditional publishers to find success on iOS. These kind of games are perfect for the short gaming sessions that iOS gamers demand.