Google Continues Experimenting with Different Ad Strategies

Google Continues Experimenting with Different Ad Strategies

By Chris Crum June 30, 2010

According to the Wall Street Journal, YouTube is looking to launch skippable ads in YouTube videos later in the year. Google reportedly talked about this in a press conference at its "Real-time Bidding, Banner Ads, Google’s Newest Big Business and Burgers" event.

Azoogle Seeks CPA Traction In Europe

Partnerships for New York-based performance ad network Azoogle in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe may help drive acceptance of the cost per action model across the Continent.

Got Conversion Optimization?

Google has ideas for advertisers who want to capitalize on cost-per-acquisition (CPA) through the AdWords bidding process.

Could CPA Overtake CPC?

That is the question that Aaron Goldman discusses in his most recent post at Search Insider. Aaron provides some sound thinking as to why CPA could overtake CPC in the future as the preferred way in which to purchase paid search.

Cost Per Action Adchemy Scores $19M Funding

Mayfield Fund, August Capital, and DoubleClick’s one-time private equity owner Hellman & Friedman, contributed a round of funding to the CPA transaction business.

PepperJam’s New Affiliate /CPA Network
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You’ve probably seen quite a bit of coverage for the newly launched Pepperjam Network (PJN for short) a new affiliate /CPA network launched by Pepperjam, a full service internet marketing agency.

Will you bring your affiliate income to the next level by promoting PJN affiliate programs?

pepperjam network

AT&T Dials Up Ingenio Buy
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Pay per call advertising firm Ingenio has been acquired by AT&T to boost the telecom’s search and advertising services.

HealthPricer Sees CPC As Near Death

Cost per click? Even the resources of HealthPricer can’t find a cure for the demise of CPC, as cost per action (CPA) becomes more appealing to retailers.

Microsoft Reels In Jellyfish
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Microsoft has acquired Jellyfish.com, a shopping search engine that shares its revenue from referred purchases with its users.

Google Extends Opt-Out Policy To CPA Testing

Google’s still testing the waters of its cost-per-action ad model, which charges advertisers only when a sale is made or a lead form is filled out. But as one publisher notes, the AdSense team is inserting CPA ads onto his blog, whether he wants them there or not.

Some People Will Click On Anything
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Pose whatever theory you like as to why, but an AdWords experiment revealed that people will click on just about anything – even if the ad tells them their computer will be infected with a virus if they do.

Cost-Per-Action Done Right

To read most of the articles on Google’s expanded test of CPA-based content ads, you would think it was the greatest invention since the wheel.  It could be great for certain advertisers, but only if they do it right.  As it turns out, that’s not so easy.

Google Sneaks Embedded Text Link Ads Into PPA
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What’s been called an assault on click-fraud, or affiliate networks, or both, could also carry with it a little controversy. Google’s recent beta launch of pay-per-action AdSense, available only to US advertisers, was released overtop another new product: the text link format ad unit.

Jumping to Conclusions on Google’s PPA

There are lots of bloggers talking about Google’s launch of their Pay-Per-Action (beta) program which is really just adding CPA ad units to Adsense with a name to not associate it with CPA directly.

Google and Yahoo’s Campaign Management

Advertisers must carefully weigh pros and cons when considering whether or not to use Google and Yahoo’s automated bid optimization tools. The two biggest PPC search advertising networks are getting into the campaign optimization act, Google with its "Budget Optimizer" tool and Yahoo with its "Campaign Optimization" tool. While the cost can’t be beat (hint: they’re free), in general marketers should avoid giving the networks the keys to the car.

Options For Filing And Reporting Small Business Taxes

Large and small businesses all around the United States are required to file and pay taxes. Small business taxes are applied and determined differently than those of larger corporations.

How to Track Online Marketing ROI Using Cost-per-Action

As the online advertising market is poised to grow nearly $10 billion over the next six years, it’s essential that we remember the importance of measuring the effectiveness of that spending.