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Yahoo, Cox Digital Solutions Partner To Create Political Advertising Goliath
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In order to make sure that Americans don’t miss a single political ad this year, Cox Digital Solutions announced today that they are partnering with Yahoo in order to provide exclusive political and advocacy advertising across Yahoo properties. With 2012 …

Verizon Runs Afoul With DoJ Verizon Runs Afoul With DoJ

Just as the AT&T/T-Mobile saga was waddling off into the sunset, Verizon has captured the briefly unoccupied attention of the U.S. Department of Justice due to their deal to purchase wireless spectrum from cable operators. Verizon has been a busy …

Cox To Rollout Wireless Service
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Cox Communications has announced it will offer its customers wireless service in 2009, including, digital cable, high-speed Internet and telephone.

The company says the move is a milestone as it was the first to introduce a voice, video and data bundle to the marketplace in 1997. Today, 64 percent of Cox customers by multiple services from the company and one-third subscribe to all three offerings.

Not All Goodmail Partners Have A Whitelist
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Goodmail Systems announced last week that four major Internet service providers will be adding CertifiedEmail to their repertoire of email filters. The sweeping partnerships give Goodmail automatic access to some 65 percent of US inboxes.