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California Executions Moratorium Upheld, Again

In 2006, a U.S. Distroct Court judge in California ruled that if a lethal injection execution was performed incorrectly, it could lead to cruel and unusual punishment, which is prohibited by the eighth amendment to the U.S. constitution. Since that time, no execution of a prisoner has taken place in California, and the issue has been tied up in courts. …

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O.J. Simpson: One Hand Free in Court Hearing

In October 2012, the armed robbery and kidnapping case for which O.J. Simpson was convicted in 2008 was reopened. Simpson is currently serving 33 years in prison for the charges, but the former football star is hoping to get a new trial. He is claiming that he is entitled to a new trial due to his lawyers’ ineptness during the …

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Mapping While Driving Ruled Illegal in California

Thanks to a recent court ruling by a California appellate court, it doesn’t matter that you were only checking your smartphone to update Google Maps. That’s because the law, as it currently reads, bans any sort of hands-on use of phones while driving. The case comes on an appeal from the Superior Court of Fresno County. Last year, Steven Spriggs …

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