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Caravan of Death Victims Identified in Chile

On September 11, 1973, Socialist leader of Chile Salvador Allende was overthrown by military forces under the command of Augusto Pinochet. Following this successful coup, Pinochet would seat himself atop Chile’s government and would remain as dictator of Chile for …

South Sudan Coup Attempt Has Been Halted

In 2011, South Sudan became the newest nation on planet Earth, splitting from Sudan after years of brutal civil wars. Since it gained its independence, South Sudan has struggled to implement a strong and effective government, mainly due to the …

Mali Mass Grave Linked to General Amadou Sanogo

Twenty-one bodies have been found in a mass grave located in Mali’s Diago village. The bodies have not been identified; however, the location near a military camp has led authorities to link the grave to the March 2012 coup led …

John Kerry Visits Egypt, Vows Support for Interim Gov’t

NBC News and Fox News both report that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Egypt last weekend to see just how much of a foothold democracy has gained. “President Obama and the American people support the people of Egypt,” …

Chile Coup; A Time Of Past Suffering But Future Hope

September 11th is a day haunted by historical suffering and injustice. On September 11, 1973, military leaders instigated a controlled attack on the Chilean presidential compound belonging to socialist Salvador Allende, thus ending his leadership. Recent investigations purported that Salvador …

Egypt Coup: Morsi Removed from Office, US Suspends Aid

So, Egypt’s doing the whole revolution thing again. In a televised address, General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, announced that the Egyptian military has removed President Morsi from office and suspended the nation’s constitution. The Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Adli …

Rival Throws Sour Grapes At Facebook Founder
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It seems Facebook.com founder Mark Zuckerberg stepped on a few toes on his way to the top, and those toes are swinging back around to catch him in the pants. The young CEO (22) was recently chastised by an old rival, who doled out some backhanded advice while he was at it.

Reddit Carried Early News Of Thai Coup

Social bookmarking site Reddit received running commentary from one of its users in Bangkok as a military coup began to take place.

Yahoo Coup: Discovery Lift Off Live On Yahoo

Yahoo announced they would be handling the webcast of the Discovery’s return to space. Yahoo has been granted live, 24-7 access to the 12-day mission including take off, space walks and landing.

Million Dollar Ideas
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Nope, not talking about Oprah and the Pontiac G6. That idea would be worth $7 million.