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Alanis Morissette Releases Song To Promote Documentary “A Small Section Of The World”

On November 11, singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette released a new song called “The Morning”. The song is featured in the film A Small Section of The World, which focuses on the stories of female coffee producers in Costa Rica, particularly the women behind the group Asociación de Mujeres Organizades de Biolley (ASOMOBI). Morissette co-wrote the song with Costa Rican musician Carlos “Tapado” …

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Alanis Morissette Creates A Song Using Coffee

Alanis Morissette has teamed up with coffee to create her latest tune. The Ironic singer and Costa Rican musician Carlos “Tapado” Vargas substituted coffee beans and coffee machines for percussion in order to produce the catchy song The Morning. The tune was inspired by female coffee makers in Costa Rica. The video for The Morning premiered on The Hollywood Reporter. …

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Floribeth Mora Attributes Life to Pope John Paul II

Floribeth Mora was dying of an aneurysm in Costa Rica about three years ago. Doctors had determined it was inoperable. As Mora laid in her bed and waited to die, however, she noticed a photograph of Pope John Paul II in a Costa Rican newspaper someone in her room was reading. “Stand up,” Mora says the picture of the pope …

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Albino Blue Marlin: Is This Very Rare Fish For Real?

This is really cool, or maybe not so cool. Pictures of an incredibly rare albino blue marlin were taken by a group of fishermen in Costa Rica, or were they? The Billfish Report is calling these photos the first ever pictures of this beautiful and amazing creature of the sea. Usually blue marlins are, well, blue. But, this one is …

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Google Maps Nearly Ignited War Between Nicaragua & Costa Rica In 2010

Google, it seems, should stick to playing RISK when it comes to defining the borders that separate dominions of countries – especially when the involved countries already have a history of border disputes. However, Google has Google Maps, as you know, and one of the main things that makes maps so useful is the demarcation of borders (otherwise, what’s the …

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