Albino Blue Marlin: Is This Very Rare Fish For Real?

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This is really cool, or maybe not so cool.

Pictures of an incredibly rare albino blue marlin were taken by a group of fishermen in Costa Rica, or were they?

The Billfish Report is calling these photos the first ever pictures of this beautiful and amazing creature of the sea.

Usually blue marlins are, well, blue. But, this one is pure white from the tip of its snout to the tip of its fin. How the marlin lived so long gives one pause — the white is just so visible against the deep blue sea.

Captain Juan Carlos Zamora and his mates Carlos Espinoza Jimenez and Roberto Salinas snagged the all white everything blue marlin from their boat, the 43-foot Spanish Fly, 20 miles off Los Suenos, Costa Rica.

Not to worry animal lovers. The trio released the 300-pound beauty, but not before they got some fantastic pictures to show the world what an albino blue marlin looks like.

But hold on...

Not every one believes the marlin is truly an albino marlin. The International Game Fish Association has made a statement that corrects quite a few publications and reports out there speculating on the newfound billfish as albino.

"Although common names for marlin generally focus on color (e.g., black marlin, blue marlin, white marlin, etc.) color is typically not the best feature to use in identifying billfish. Especially in this case! The shape and size of this marlin’s dorsal and pectoral fins clearly indicate that it’s a blue marlin even though it’s not blue at all. The eye color - black, rather than red or pink - also indicates that this marlin is leucistic (which is a reduction in pigmentation) rather than albino."

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What do you think of this beautiful creature?

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