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The Comic-Con 2013 Cosplay Music Video Shows Off the Best Costumes

Aside from setting the upcoming entertainment schedule for geeks everywhere, Comic-Con has another, perhaps even more famous feature. I am, of course, talking about the amazing cosplay attendees who show up by the truckload. Yes, these appearances have become commonplace, if not mainstream, but the fact is, many of these cosplayers deserved to be recognized for the sheer amount of …

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Norman Chan’s Massive Comic-Con Cosplay Gallery Is Something To Behold

In case you aren’t aware, Norman Chad is a consumer electronic reporter for Tested.com, the site created by Mythbusters hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. Needless to say, Comic-Con 2013 was something the Tested crew was not going to miss, and to help celebrate their stay, Chad decided he would take pictures of the various cosplay characters who appear at …

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Here’s More Footage of that Giant Mech Stomping Around Comic-Con

Earlier this week, Mythbuster Adam Savage unveiled the best cosplay costume in history. A real nine-foot-tall mech is now roaming San Diego Comic-Con, complete with sound effects. After thoroughly impressing Savage, the mech went on to meet comics legend Stan Lee. The meeting can be seen in the new video below, along with the mech dancing the robot, having an …

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Comic-Con 2013: Adam Savage Reveals Incredible Robot Cosplay

[UPDATE:] See the mech meet Stan Lee and a little girl. It’s no secret that San Diego Comic-Con has become more of a spectacle than a convention, and a major part of that spectacle is some of the best cosplay in the world. As the years go by, both professional and amateurs build larger and more complex costumes in a …

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Cosplay Facebook Accounts Are Apparently Disappearing Left and Right

If you run a personal Facebook page with the word “cosplay” in it, there’s a good chance your account has been suspended or may be suspended in the near future. Cosplayers who operate Facebook accounts under their given cosplay name for their characters are reporting the sudden removal of their profiles. The mass takedown was first reported by nerd lifestyle …

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Skyrim Barbie Breaks It Down

The pictures of the Skyrim Barbie hit the Intertubes last week, with a post sporting the following title: Utterly Useless Dovahkiin Female Armor, and while the attractiveness of the subject is immediately apparent, the utter uselessness of such a character is, too. While bare midriffs are indeed something that deserves a Plus 1, an unprotected torso isn’t much use when …

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