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Are You Grabbing Traffic From Flipboard?

This week, Flipboard launched a new web version. It’s available for the desktop for the first time after being mobile-only since 2010. While it already has millions of users from phones and tablets, this opens it up to more people, and to more usage from existing users. Think about those who spend all day on a computer at the office. …

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Curator’s Code: Can Content Curation Really Be Standardized?

Let me preface this by saying that I am all for giving credit where credit is due on the web. However, people are trying to develop standards for online content curation and attribution on the web, and I just don’t see it working on any mass scale. In theory, it sounds like a reasonable cause, and a way to keep …

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Is Linking Something That You Should Have To Pay For?

Should you have to pay to link? Sadly, it’s a question we keep having to ask, because organizations and lawmakers keep giving us reason to. If you’re a longtime reader, you probably already know my stance on this: the web is based on pages freely linking to each other, and when barriers are set up that impede that, it makes …

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