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Antivirus Software – How Helpful Is It?

The recent Target security breach allowed hackers to obtain the credit card numbers and information of several thousand customers. Target was using antivirus software and believed that they were offering secure shopping, but it turns out, the software was not enough. Researchers were able to determine that the breach came from a POS malware that likely originated is Russia or …

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Crypto Locker Virus Holds Your Computer Hostage

If you ever needed a reminder to be careful about the emails and attachments you open, it’s now. The Crypto Locker virus that is going around is said to be one of the worst ever and is infecting computers with the Windows OS all across the United States. The virus, also called “ransomware,” works by holding your files hostage until …

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Stuxnet Debate Continues: How Should Cyberweapons Be Used?

When the revealing news regarding the Stuxnet computer worm came out, much controversy pursued as a result. David Sanger of the New York Times exposed the information as part of the much larger U.S. “Olympic Games” initiative and has now even written a book on it. Since that time, information regarding another form of malware called Flame has also been …

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