Antivirus Software - How Helpful Is It?


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The recent Target security breach allowed hackers to obtain the credit card numbers and information of several thousand customers. Target was using antivirus software and believed that they were offering secure shopping, but it turns out, the software was not enough. Researchers were able to determine that the breach came from a POS malware that likely originated is Russia or the Ukraine.

Experts believe that the POS malware is too powerful for any current antivirus software to stop. If this is true, more stores could be at risk for similar breaches, causing more people to become victims of possible identity theft.

So if certain types of malware and viruses can sneak through the cracks of antivirus software, how helpful are they? Many antivirus software programs are expensive and sometimes even complicated to install. Are these programs worth the money and hassle if they are still going to allow security breaches?

Although security breaches are possible, even while using antivirus software, security experts still believe it is necessary to use these products for protection. Many software brands are very good at what they do and can protect against almost all viruses and malware attacks.

POS malware may be dangerous, but it is less common than other types of malware and computer viruses. Even if your current antivirus software is not capable of blocking out the more serious attacks, it is more than likely capable of blocking out the more common ones that try to invade your computer on a daily basis.

Using the Internet without antivirus software is like leaving the house on a cloudy day without an umbrella. You might not need it, but it's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Which antivirus software do you think is the best?

Image via Wikimedia Commons.