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Yes, Your Google Hangouts Can Be Wiretapped

Google encrypts your Hangouts conversations, but it doesn’t use end-to-end encryption. This means that Google can wiretap your Hangouts at the government’s request. That’s one big revelation from a recent reddit AMA with Richard Salgado, Google’s director for law enforcement and information security, and David Lieber, Google’s senior privacy policy counsel. The American Civil Liberties Union’s chief technologist Christopher Soghoian …

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Pope Francis Says The Internet Is ‘A Gift From God’, Urges Us to Become ‘Citizens Of The Digital World’

For progressive Catholics and the progressive non-religious, Pope Francis has been a pretty bit hit in his first year in the papacy. Between his “judge ye not” stance on gays, advocacy for the poor, and disparaging remarks about capitalism as a tool of the oppressor, the new Pope has endeared himself to a new generation of believers, who have long …

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Your Unopened Snapchats Are Being Given to Police, But It’s a Rare Occurrence

If you’re unaware that pretty much everything you do online is probably being tracked by someone, and all of the companies that house the content that you upload, post, tweet, and send on a daily basis routinely give it up to authorities – well, that’s a nice world you’re living in. Still, questions arise surrounding new types of online communications. …

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Solar Storms Continue, Northern Lights Increase

A “strong geomagnetic storm” is now underway, and is giving us earthlings a dazzling display of an intensified aurora borealis. These storms started from sunspots sited on Tuesday followed by a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), effecting our part of the solar system by Thurday. Originally, scientists and space observers, were not impressed with the level of geomagnetic interference the solar …

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Spray-On Antennas Unveiled at Google’s Solve For X Event

At Google’s Solve for X fest, Chamtech Operations unvelied thier new nanotech-based spray-on antenna kit, for use on existing antennas, as well as relatively antenna-shaped, upright builds. The science is basically nano-capacitors in a can, that can be sprayed onto a tree or a pole to make an antenna. The “paint” also can boost an existing antenna’s signal by over …

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