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FedEx Uses YouTube To Issue Delivery Driver Apology FedEx Uses YouTube To Issue Delivery Driver Apology
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By now, you’ve probably seen, or at least heard about the FedEx delivery driver who was caught on tape demonstrating some incredibly effective package delivery techniques. If not, familiarize yourself: Needless to say, Mister Throw Packages became a viral hit …

Currys PC World’s Magnificent Star Wars Commercials Currys PC World’s Magnificent Star Wars Commercials
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Take a look at your calendar. Notice how quickly the 2011 Holiday Season is approaching? That means it’s time for the Christmas marketing blitz where we, as consumers, will be inundated with all kinds of commercials and ads telling us …

New Google Chrome Ads Eschew Comedy for Dramatic Moments New Google Chrome Ads Eschew Comedy for Dramatic Moments

Let it never be said that Google doesn’t promote their products. Granted, they aren’t big adopters of television advertising — save for their famous Super Bowl commercial — but that doesn’t mean they won’t use other mediums to entice would-be …

Watch: Bing Goes the Bloodsucker Route
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Microsoft is either taking the holiday marketing approach or the Twilight/Vampire trend approach with its latest commercial. The title is Bing: Vampire Decision Engine.

The company uploaded the new commercial to its (Google-owned) YouTube channel. Accompanying the video is a short description:

"When you’re looking for a restaurant that is family friendly, romantic, or maybe something with an otherworldly atmosphere, use Bing’s reviews to stop searching and start deciding."

Have You Seen Bing’s Commercials Yet?
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Microsoft has set up a YouTube channel for its new search engine Bing. There are a variety of Bing-related videos here, including a few commercials. Here are two of them:

Microsoft Seinfeld Ad Not Exactly a Hit
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The first of those Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates Microsoft commercials has made its way into the public eye – an eye that most wish had remained closed. Microsoft’s attempt to bring some humor into their advertising campaign, and presumably to outdo the Justin Long Mac commercials, has been met with an overwhelming amount of criticism.

Google Knows You Skipped A Commercial

Technology from Google submitted to the US Patent Office shows how they can tell when someone viewing a video skipped an ad.

GoDaddy’s New Super Bowl Ad

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons has revealed, on his "Hot Points" blog, that after 10 submitted spots were rejected by Fox Network, the network has approved and agreed to air the new 2008 Superbowl Ads starring Danica Patrick in a commericial he calls "Spot On" in an apparent reference to all the rejected spots which are "off" because they were rejected.