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Durex Commercials Push The Envelope, Still Fun

When making a commercial, or, well, any attempting any big marketing push, the goal is to get people talking. Talking about the product, the commercial it appeared in, and any fallout that occurs from it. Face it, if a commercial accomplishes any of these things, it’s done its job. That is, as long as it’s not lambasting negativity, but then …

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Google+’s First Commercial For the UK

While Google+‘s commercial with The Muppets has been on in the United States since the Oscars, the search engine introduced the ad copy to the United Kingdom, making it Google’s first ad campaign for that particular region. Apparently, the tag line for this particular campaign is “That’s a plus.” I, for some reason, am happy Google didn’t capitalize the “plus” …

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Kate Upton’s Zoo York Commercial Is Too Hot For MTV, Adult Swim [Video]

Last month, model and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl Kate Upton blew up the twitterfeed when she filmed the hottest hamburger advertisement ever for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. Now she has a new steamy commercial coming out, this time for skateboard and clothing company Zoo York, and this one’s so racy that MTV and Adult Swim won’t run it. Thats …

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Covering The Three Little Pigs In a Social Media Era

How would the modern world cover the conspiracy surrounding The Three Little Pigs? Would they blame the wolf? Would Twitter trends pop up in support of the Wolf’s plight? What about the Pigs? Would their hard scrabble life–having to move again and again because of unsound housing conditions, which were exacerbated by their natural predator–make them sympathetic figures while they …

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New iPhone 4S Ads Still Pushing Siri As Standout Feature

Are you guys still using Siri? As an iPhone 4S owner myself, I’ve noticed that I’ve been using Apple’s voice assistant less and less as time goes on. It’s not that Siri wasn’t useful on many occasions – because she was. It probably has something to do with being set in my ways. My first thought is always to just …

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The Will Ferrell Super Bowl Commercial You Didn’t See [VIDEO]

Whatever you think and feel about the Super Bowl and the highly commercialized cult of consumerism that permeates every vein and pore of the event, you can’t really deny this: Will Ferrell had an awesome spot in that Old Milwaukee Beer commercial. The only catch: you didn’t see it. Nobody did. Well, almost nobody – one small community of people …

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Super Bowl Commercials: What Makes Them Effective?

What is it that makes a Super Bowl ad so great? Is it something funny, inspiring, unbelievable, or what? According to Ace Metrix CEO Peter Daboll, a likable ad doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an effective ad. As he explained, great ads are likable, but they have to do more in order to be effective.

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Relive Super Bowl Commercial History With Hulu’s AdZone

Hulu hopes to make some people’s favorite part of the Super Bowl, the ads, more accesible. Today, they announced the launch of AdZone, where they’ve collected many of the best and most iconic ads of all time for your viewing pleasure. As the 2012 Super Bowl ads roll in during the big game on February 5th, they will become available …

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Watch Super Bowl Ads With YouTube’s Ad Blitz

Sometimes, if you’re uninterested in the teams playing or simply uninterested in football entirely, the Super Bowl commercials are the best part of the whole production. Companies spend big bucks for prime-time ad real estate, knowing that their ads are going to be seen by millions and millions of prospective customers. Because of this, companies tend to bring out the …

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