Currys PC World's Magnificent Star Wars Commercials

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Take a look at your calendar. Notice how quickly the 2011 Holiday Season is approaching? That means it's time for the Christmas marketing blitz where we, as consumers, will be inundated with all kinds of commercials and ads telling us that special someone in our lives won't be complete without whatever the hot gadget of the moment is.

I'm guessing the Apple 4s will be the big winner there, but nothing has been decided yet. In fact, some of us would rather enjoy Thanksgiving before transitioning to Christmas, but that hasn't stopped the big box stores from rolling out their various Holiday Season ad campaigns.

Aside: for those of you who want your holidays to go in order, this is for you:

Wait Your Turn

In regards to the holiday season commercials, one such big box company, Currys PC World, has that whole "make awesome commercials" down to a science, if the latest offerings are anything to go by. Of course, it could be the geek in me that approves of *most* things Star Wars, or it could be that these commercials are actually pretty awesome. Perhaps it's the lack of being beaten over the head with Christmas-related themes in these ads.

Whatever the case, Currys nailed these offerings, so much so, in fact, that if they were Currys PC World stores in United States, I'd consider shopping there before going to Best Buy. Take a look for yourself:

There's even a "making of" video for the Darth Vader commercial, which is perfect demonstration on how to further leverage the kick-ass content you create:

In other news, this isn't the first time Currys has been allowed to use George Lucas' Star Wars intellectual property. It was also used to promote the Blu-Ray release of the Star Wars movies box set:

Apparently, Lucas is a big fan of their stores.

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