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Comcast Stands By Its Internet Filtering

Comcast has admitted that it intentionally slows down some traffic on its network, including music and movie downloads.

The company said in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission that slowing the transfer of music or video between subscribers sharing files is necessary to manage traffic flow over its network.


Comcast Spotlight Picks Up Vehix

The term "minority interest" is pretty weak; it implies that something received just the tiniest bit of one’s attention or bank account balance.  So, although we’re in no way involved in the deal, it’s kind of reassuring to see that Comcast Spotlight has concluded an all-out acquisition of Vehix.

FCC Looking into Comcast

Back in November, we mentioned how Free Press and other groups wanted ISP/cable company Comcast brought before the FCC for the way the company imitated users on BitTorrent to terminate downloads. And now, the FCC will be looking into it—at least according to Chairman Kevin Martin, speaking at CES.

FCC At Center Of Net, Media Controversy

Net neutrality concepts, and media ownership rules, have the Federal Communications Commission and its chairman, Kevin Martin, at the epicenter of how people will get the content they want.

FCC To Investigate Comcast, Verizon

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin Martin says the regulatory agency will investigate allegations that Comcast interferes with p2p Internet traffic. He also said Verizon Wireless would be under the microscope after complaints the company blocked text messages from an abortion rights group.

EFF Strikes Back Against ISP Interference
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation stepped up its criticism of traffic shaping practices by Comcast and others with a new initiative aimed at broadband customers.

First Comcast, Now Cox Busted ‘Managing’ Traffic

Comcast’s BitTorrent snafu set off another investigation of a cable provider and yielded similar results. This time it’s Cox’s interference with file-sharing service eDonkey setting Net Neutrality alarms.

Comcast Faces BitTorrent Interference Lawsuit

A California Comcast customer called the company’s claims of fast Internet connections fraudulent due to their use of traffic shaping technology that hinders torrents.

Senators Call For Net Neutrality Hearing
· 2

Senators Bryon Dorgan (D-ND) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) sent a letter today to Sen. Daniel Inouye, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, calling for a hearing to discuss phone and cable companies’ recent discrimination against content on their networks, and whether current regulatory protections are enough.

Comcast Impersonates China and Gnutella, Too

Some of the uproar last week was regarding Comcast’s blocking of BitTorrent traffic, a move that, by itself raised concerns about the power over content and packets the cable company was usurping. Over the weekend it came to light that Comcast not only blocked BitTorrent, but also Gnutella and Lotus Notes.

Net Neutrality, Now With Less Spin

Have the telecoms and cable companies just abandoned the Net Neutrality fight altogether? It used to be they staged aggressive rhetoric battles, created questionable studies, and pretended to honor Net Neutrality on their own – without legislation.

Comcast “Law Enforcement Handbook”

The Federation of American Scientists released yesterday Comcast’s confidential “Handbook for Law Enforcement” which describes the company’s policies for turning over customer’s information to the authorities.

Proof of Concept Gives Comcast Headaches
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In the Net Neutrality debate, the last thing phone and cable companies want is a proof of concept. In fact, as one FCC commissioner has noted, avoiding these proofs is what has kept them on relatively good behavior recently. So, it was bad news when torrent users accused Comcast of degrading and blocking torrents over the weekend.

CBS Expands Web Content

CBS television has plans to make its content available on 400 Web sites by the fall, according to executives from the interactive division.

Not All Goodmail Partners Have A Whitelist
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Goodmail Systems announced last week that four major Internet service providers will be adding CertifiedEmail to their repertoire of email filters. The sweeping partnerships give Goodmail automatic access to some 65 percent of US inboxes.

Comcast Taps Zimbra, Plaxo For SmartZone
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Comcast.net’s online communications center called SmartZone will have applications provided by a number of companies for email, voicemail, and instant messaging.

AOL’s Plan Working

AOL changed their strategy last year by shifting from a subscription-based service to offering most of their services and content for free. In doing so they focused their energies on advertising.

Once the largest Internet provider they now have 12 million subscribers, trailing Comcast who has 12. 1 million and AT&T who is the biggest provider with 12.9 million customers.

Can’t Touch This: Yahoo, Comcast, And Video

The lightly noticed Yahoo and Comcast announcement about a deal that places Yahoo’s online display and video advertising on Comcast’s web properties could be an Internet video watershed moment.

Yahoo Comcast Deal – Double Blow to Google
With Yahoo’s announced deal to provide display and video advertising to Comcast.net, comes two blows to Google.

Comcast Does The Fandango

Comcast has purchased online movie information and ticketing site Fandango. They also have plans to launch Fancast.com that is designed to help users manage their entertainment experience.

ISPs Still Ducking Clickstream Questions

The issue of data privacy has long been one of intense debate and speculation across the blogosphere. Reports have surfaced here and there of ISPs selling clickstream data to third party advertisers for mere cents per user. As journalists continue seeking answers, the ISPs are remaining conspicuously tight-lipped about their data practices.

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