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Hollister, A&F Clothing Stores Unfriendly to Disabled, Says Judge

Earlier this month, Abercrombie & Fitch caught heat for comments its CEO made in the past about the company’s marketing strategy. Mike Jefferies was quoted in a new book, saying that Abercrombie & Fitch markets to “cool and popular kids” …

Angry Mob Pelts Man With Rocks Over Child Rape Rumors
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Rumors can often spark a reaction, but one Colorado man this week learned that they can also spark violence. According to an Associated Press report, an angry mob in Denver this week threw rocks at a man they believed to …

Google Releases Marvelous 3D Imagery For More Cities Google Releases Marvelous 3D Imagery For More Cities
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Google has expanded its coverage of 3D Google Earth imagery to include Denver and Seattle. Google announced the imagery, to make its maps more appealing, back in June. The imagery, first available on Android, made its way to iOS a …

Dark Knight Rises Brings in an Estimated $160 Million in Ticket Sales
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“Dark Knight Rises”, the last installment of director Christopher Nolan’s epic big-budget trilogy, reportedly enjoyed more than $160 million in ticket sales over the weekend. As a result, the film is now considered to have the third highest-grossing debut ever, …

Naked TSA Protest: Oregon Judge Says Go For It
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Naked TSA protest: The next time you feel the folks at the Transportation Security Administration are getting a little too frisky with their pat-down inspection, take off all of your clothes and show them you have nothing whatsoever to hide. …

JonBenet Ramsey: Former DA Writes Book About Investigation
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JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in her family’s home almost 16 years ago, though, honestly, you wouldn’t know it had been that long considering the amount of coverage the case still receives. Her murder is one of the world’s most …

Colorado City Takes The Internet Into Their Own Hands Colorado City Takes The Internet Into Their Own Hands
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It’s pretty awesome that Google is bringing Fiber Internet to the folks in Kansas City. It’s not so awesome for Time Warner Cable as they are terrified of the competition. It seems the movement to affordable, faster Internet is beginning …

Six-Foot Lizard on the Loose in Colorado
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A six-foot lizard is on the loose somewhere within the wilds of Colorado, according to authorities. The 25-pound Nile monitor lizard somehow managed to escape its enclosure in Teller County, prompting officials to issue a warning to those with small …

Highway Sinkhole Reveals Abandoned Railroad Tunnel

A highway sinkhole that opened up in Colorado has revealed a long-abandoned railroad tunnel, according to The Lookout. The highway, which runs near the top of a mountain pass, has been shut down while engineers figure out what do about …

Google Launches Crisis Map to Fight This Particularly Vicious Wildfire Season Google Launches Crisis Map to Fight This Particularly Vicious Wildfire Season
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Through the combination of unreal heat, persistently strong winds, and a kindling-dry landscape, Colorado is currently suffering through the most destructive wildfire in the state’s history. Expanding 26 square miles, the wildfire has already displaced tens of thousands of people …

Waldo Canyon Fire Destroys Homes In Colorado Springs

A wildfire that began on Saturday in Colorado has defied attempts by firefighters to keep it contained and has begun to spread into nearby Colorado Springs. Smoke and ash have blanketed the city as the fire approached, and thousands have …

Hacked Road Sign Warns Of Dalek Invasion

You may remember a few years ago when pranksters hacked one of those big electronic road signs in Texas and changed it to read “ZOMBIES AHEAD.” The story made the news all over the country, and brought to light the …

Amazon No Longer Taxing Colorado Sales Amazon No Longer Taxing Colorado Sales

A 2010 Colorado law that forced online vendors like Amazon to charge state sales tax has been officially revoked by a federal court. The law had been temporarily blocked since last year, but now a ruling by U.S District Judge …

Man Killed By 20′ Foot Pile of Beans

A 56-year-old man was killed by a 20-foot pile of pinto beans in a Colorado warehouse last Thursday, according to police. (image) After extensive efforts to rescue him, Raymond Segura Jr. was pronounced dead at the Kelley Bean Company facility …

Colorado Latest Convert To Google Apps For Government Colorado Latest Convert To Google Apps For Government

Another state has beamed up into the Google cloud. Colorado, home of the Rocky Mountains and Coors Light, has become the latest state government in the U.S. to make the switch to Google Apps for Government, the federal government-approved cloud-based …

Facebook Helps Sell Beer For Microbrewer New Belgium Facebook Helps Sell Beer For Microbrewer New Belgium
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Will Facebook help you sell beer? It sure will, just ask the number three craft brewer in America, New Belgium Brewing. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, New Belgium has grown over the past twenty years to become a staple for …

DMA Sues Colorado Over Internet Sales Tax Law
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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Colorado challenging the constitutionality of a new law that requires online retailers outside the state to collect sales tax information from customers and turn it over to the state’s Department of Revenue.

The DMA says the law constitutes an "unprecedented invasion of consumer privacy," and also unfairly discriminates against interstate commerce because the law is targeted at only out-of-state retailers.

Colorado and Iowa Join Oregon in Making Google Apps Available to Public Schools

Google announced today that Colorado and Iowa are now offering Google Apps to public schools. Oregon did the same back in April, and now 3,000 more schools across Colorado and Iowa will have Google Apps available to them.

Colorado Launches Contest Using Social Media

The Colorado Tourism Office has launched a new promotion using social media to find three people who have never seen snow.

The campaign is called "Snow At First Sight" and it invites participants to submit a 60 second video to the Snow At First Sight website explaining why they have never seen snow and why they should get a three month all-expense-paid trip to Colorado.

Escaped Spam King Kills Self, Family
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Only four days after escaping from a federal minimum-security prison in Florence, Colorado "Spam King" Eddie Davidson was found dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Google Involved In Colorado Land Grab?

There have been periods in which Google seemed to buy or lease a major space at least once a week.  Now, although the corporation isn’t fessing up, another huge purchase has taken place that seems to fit its profile.