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Colorado Tornadoes Caused by Supercell Thunderstorm

The Denver area was struck by five tornadoes today, thanks to a massive supercell thunderstorm. The town of Aurora, CO was tormented by three twisters within a half-hour period, while two tornadoes touched down in nearby areas. The wacky weather also brought lots of hail, and caused Denver to remain under a tornado watch until 8 pm local time. Additionally, …

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SUV Crashes into DMV in Colorado

For those parents who are conscientious and leave their vehicles running in an effort to keep the kids warm, heed this story. A woman in Parker, Colorado stopped at the Department of Motor Vehicles to conduct some business she had there, and left her SUV running to keep her children warm, when her 10-year-old daughter jumped into the drivers seat, …

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Medicine Man – The Costco Of Weed

The busiest and biggest pot retail store in Denver opened its doors on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 to record crowds; with massive sales on a day many are coining “Green Wednesday.” In this ‘first in the history of America’ recreational pot store, it offers every kind of marijuana and paraphernalia a pot smoker could desire. Employees stand behind sales counters …

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CO2 Might Make You Fat

Danish researchers have recently announced a new theory as to why people all over the world are getting fatter – rising carbon dioxide levels are causing weight gain. (image) The study began years ago, when Danish post-doctoral researcher Lars-Georg Hersoug noticed some trends while going over MONICA (Monitoring of Trends and Determinants in Cardio-vascular Disease) statistics in Denmark. Hersoug found …

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