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Bud.TV, CNN Lose At Online Video Game

I don’t mean to insult either Bud drinkers or CNN watchers, but I usually don’t picture a lot of overlap between the two.  Still, there is a connection between the companies – both appear to have failed with certain aspects of their online video services.

CNN Site Sees Value In Local Coverage

I’ve always thought it was kind of sad when local news networks try to cover national stories; they just don’t have the resources.  But when national news networks try to cover local stories, the problem can still apply.  The CNN site – a leader among national news sources – is going to see if it can avoid this issue while it increases local coverage.

CNN Site Sees Value In Local Coverage
CNN Site Sees Value In Local Coverage
CNN Site Sees Value In Local Coverage

YouTube, CNN To Sponsor Democratic Debates

Lawsuit magnet YouTube is partnering with CNN to be a co-sponsor for the first of six Democratic Party debates for the 2008 race.

YouTube has become increasingly active in the political realm as of late. Last month they launched Citizen Tube, designed to attract people to express their views on political topics.

In addition they also launched YouChoose, a presidential channel focused on the major presidential candidates.

NBC Denies YouTube Debate Requests

NBC’s still being stubborn about allowing its footage of the Presidential debates to be put in the public domain or licensed under Creative Commons, effectively letting the more passionately patriotic online citizenry share and remix for video sites like YouTube.

Bloggers Doubt Proposed Code of Conduct

Blogging was never really a genteel medium. It’s raw, uncensored, no posts barred. Until the chaotic nebula condensed and started emitting death threats, nobody, except lawyers, really had a problem with it.

Sierra and Locke Getting Along

Glad to see that Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke are getting along and have made a joint statement and appeared this morning together on CNN (I, and several others who were filmed for this, were cut out).

Bloggers Resolve Dispute On CNN
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Before their appearance on CNN this morning, bloggers Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke issued a joint statement responding to issues raised throughout the blogosphere following Sierra’s revelation of death threats against her, as well as the depiction of her image in misogynistic sexual photos.

Critiquing Google’s Customer Support
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In my last column, I scoured the web, drumming up angry AdWords users from the depths of blogs and message boards and consolidating their suffering into a plaintive against Google’s customer service.

Saddam Searches Flood Search Engines

As news of Saddam Hussein’s execution made its way around the web (rather quickly), people flocked to the search engines looking for video, images, and any other pertinent information about the hanging.

The New AAA Club: Angry AdWords Advertisers

In May 2005, a CNN article quoted Dana Todd, president of SEMPO as saying: “Google has always beenworse than bad [at customer service.]”

Media Linking to Wikipedia Articles

Not sure if this is something new or not, but I just saw a CNN Money article which linked at a Wikipedia article about Joe Kraus as background on him.

Blip.tv Hooks up with CNN for Your Videos

Blip.tv was talked up all over the place by BlogHer videobloggers – it was the top recommended site for people to move videos off of YouTube onto.

The YouTube of Y

Today’s tired Web 2.0 metaphors are brought to you by the letter B’ for boring and the number 9′ as in the 92 million times someone has used phrases like “It’s MySpace for X” or “The YouTube of Y”.

French (Try To) Challenge Google Earth

Sacre bleu! The French have unveiled a website known as Geoportal that is intended to rival Google Earth. The European counterpart will have more detailed images than its American-based competitor, but its scope will be limited to within French borders.


CNN To Offer New Podcasts

In an effort to attract a younger demographic, CNN is set to launch a new series of podcasts. The Cable News Network already offers some more traditional content in podcast form, but the fresh offerings will be of a decidedly more offbeat variety.

CNN Shows The Linus Interview

The Linux operating system has reshaped the technology industry greatly over the past decade, but creator Linus Torvalds still comes across as just another techie who enjoys working on code.

Can You Hear the Opportunity?

As a continually evolving online marketplace continues to do just that, marketers are always looking for the next big thing. Those untapped markets that can help take them and their clients to the next level.

CNN Resets Its Home Page

Several changes on CNN’s website embrace a look and feel that puts a lot of emphasis on above-the-fold navigation and presentation options.

Blogger Relations and Full Transparency

Shel and I had quite a robust discussion about the Wal-Mart and Edelman blogger relations campaign yesterday in show #119 of FIR: The Hobson & Holtz Report.

Congress Tears Into Net Companies Over Censorship

Voice Of America reports that American congressmen took to the floor today, blasting internet companies for being partners in censorship efforts, during a briefing earlier today.

Google and Microsoft to join?

Fortune on CNN is wondering if Google and Microsoft would join forces to go against Apple.