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When Social Media and PR Work Together

I’m speaking tonight at a panel put on by Business Wire.  If you want to come, please do so, and be sure to say hello.  The topic is on social media generally, but more specifically looking at using social media for enhancing your news value. 

A Guide for Twitter

My friend Jennifer Laycock suggested an article that I am glad I checked out called "Twitter Guide Part #1" written by a blogging newcomer by the name of Caroline Middlebrook.

States Ask Feds For More Microsoft Oversight

Provisions of Microsoft’s antitrust settlement involving oversight by the federal courts will end in November, and some attorneys general have demanded an extension of that ongoing supervision.

Citizen Journalists Report On Myanmar

While the Myanmar’s regime attempts to suppress the protests taking place, citizen journalists are playing a key role in delivery of the news to the rest of the world.

Navy to Redesign Building Due to Google Maps

Quite some time back, I came across this Swastika-shaped building via Google Maps, and posted the screengrab in my Flickr account. Since then, it became one of my most popular Flickr pictures, since strange stuff like this can become quickly viral.

YouTube Talks Politics

Social networks have become deeply involved in the political process and have attracted the attention of all the major presidential candidates. WebProNews spoke to YouTube about its role in the 2008 presidential election.

When Wikis Won’t Work

In the past you would remember how I have been talking about wikis over here to reflect how they are some of the most interesting and refreshing social software tools out there to help boost knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst different teams, communities and whatever other groups.

Google, CNN In Ad Deal

CNN.com and Google have entered into an agreement where Google will provide its AdSense advertising program to CNN.com. Financial details were not released.

CBS, Fox Still Stingy About Debate Footage

Activists on both sides of the political fence are thrilled that NBC, ABC, C-SPAN, and CNN have all agreed to allow Presidential debate footage to be legally shared, blogged, excerpted, and uploaded to video sites like YouTube.

Long-form Content from Advertisers Hits NYT

It is increasingly interesting to witness the mashup of trends as various businesses experiment with and figure out new media.

Election 2.0 – Predictions on Media, Image & Campaigns

Forget the CNN/YouTube debates (which was only watched by 2.6 million viewers anyway).  The real milestone of new media changing the face of politics has already happened.  We are deep in an historic shift in the way elections are run, driven entirely by advancements in sharing information.  But to understand where we are, we have to take a look at how we got here.

CNN, YouTube and Not Asking The Right Question

America’s great experiment with citizen journalism may have been an historic moment, even a fine harbinger of the future, and most certainly the most populist step forward the country has taken, but critics are saying that CNN, once itself a pivotal media development, failed to push the envelope in the YouTube Debates.

A Hole In The CNN/YouTube Debate Theory?

Lack of control has been the prime argument against and for incorporating user-generated content into mainstream media and politics. One thing’s for certain: there are a-holes on all sides. But this might be taking that a bit literally.

“Hyperlocal” News Sites Take A Hit
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A lot of big companies – from Google to CNN – are interested in “going local,” and, to be honest, it seems that those companies have the money to do whatever they want.  But “going local” isn’t easy; Backfence.com, which focused on a number of smaller communities, is going out of business.

CNN.com Obtains Local News From Topix
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When it was announced that CNN.com would increase its local coverage, I was suspicious – that seemed like a pretty big step outside the site’s “comfort zone.”  But CNN.com has stuck with the idea, and, thanks to a partnership with Topix, is now putting an even greater emphasis on local coverage.

CNN Has Free Video In The Pipeline

Not enough people wanted to pay for CNN Pipeline, the news network’s video service. Instead of killing it off, Pipeline will be integrated into CNN.

YouTube, CNN To Host Presidential Debates

YouTube and CNN have announced plans to host two presidential debates. The debates will feature video questions from YouTube users, which will be broadcast and answered by the presidential hopefuls on CNN.

Ask.com Ad Campaign Associated With Google
Ask.com Ad Campaign Associated With Google
User Generated Content for New CNN Show

CNN have introduced a new show called News To Me:

Censorship? There’s Always YouTube

Venezuelans upset by the government-ordered shutdown of Radio Caracas Television can follow the station’s new daily broadcasts at YouTube.

Google News May Introduce Video Component

As a daily user of Google News, I’m interested in what will happen to it – for better, for worse, or for just plain different.  According to a recent interview with Nathan Stoll, one of Google’s product managers, there may be a lot of changes in store, including the introduction of video.

Google News May Introduce Video Component
“Google News May Introduce Video Component”
Google News May Introduce Video Component

CNN Gets It (Streaming Video to be Free)

CNN has long held out with its paid video subscription model, especially for its streaming “Pipeline,” started in 2005 and priced at $25/year.