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Evelyn Lozada Pregnant – NOT By Chad Johnson
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Evelyn Lozada, former wife of Chad Johnson (Ochocinco), and star of reality show, Basketball Wives, is reportedly pregnant with her second child – and the baby is not her former husband’s. Lozada and Johnson wed in July 2012 and divorced …

Ochocinco Arrested For Parole Violations
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Last fall, former NFL star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson plead no contest to misdemeanor domestic battery after allegedly head-butting his wife just one month after their wedding. Johnson received one year of probation for the charge, and was cut by the …

Chad Ochocinco Signs With the Dolphins

Chad Ochocinco will now play for his hometown after signing with the Miami Dolphins yesterday, The Miami Herald reports. Chad Ochocinco has never been one to shy away from the camera (or any kind of attention for that matter), and …

Chad Ochocinco: “Unemployed Black Guy”

In a firestorm of rumors that began swirling between Twitter, the New Englad Patriots, and ESPN on Thursday, Chad Ochocinco was released from his team. He then tweeted about it. Apparently the Patriots have been trying to trade Ochocinco unsuccessfully, …

Chad Ochocinco Solves Robbery Via Twitter

Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco solved a robbery earlier today with the help of social network Twitter. His wallet was stolen from his Escalade in the middle of the night. The thief busted out the window to get to the …

Chad Ochocinco Rewards Ignored Twitter Follower Chad Ochocinco Rewards Ignored Twitter Follower

What do you get if you’re following an athlete who happens to be one of the most prolific Twitter users of the professional athlete ilk, and he’s ignored your replies, tweets, and retweets? If you can get the player’s attention, …

Chad Ochocinco Uses Social Media To Find Boston Roommate Chad Ochocinco Uses Social Media To Find Boston Roommate

The NFL is just about upon us — preseason starts tomorrow night — and one of the bigger stories going into the 2011-12 season is the trade of outspoken wide receiver Chad “Don’t Call me Johnson” Ochocinco to the New …

Chad Ochocinco Wants to Get Rid of Farmville

Fast Company has an interview with none other than Chad Ochocinco, receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals who makes as much of an impact on online pop culture as he does on the football field (perhaps more so). He wants to get rid of Farmville.

Want Ochocinco on your iPhone? There
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The self-proclaimed "Interesting One", Chad Ochocinco, has taken the social media scene by storm. His Twitter account currently has 250,892 followers and his Ustream show has 3,353 followers and over 180,000 views. So what’s the next logical step for a social media savvy NFL star? Well, now he’s going mobile.

How Fans Engage with the NFL Online
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The day has arrived at last. The 2009 NFL season kicks off tonight with the opening game between the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers (a game our own Rafael Robinson is attending, by the way).

Chad Ochocinco and His Tweeting Ways
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The football player formerly known as Chad Johnson is ruffling some feathers with the National Football League. He has told the media that he plans to use Twitter during games. I haven’t seen any official statement on this from the NFL itself yet, but sports analysts seem to pretty much agree that it’s just dumb.