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CES 2012: Ubuntu TV Coming Soon CES 2012: Ubuntu TV Coming Soon

Ubuntu, usually known for being the most popular implementation of the open-source Linux operating system, is getting into the TV business. Canonical, the group behind Ubuntu’s continued development, is showing off a prototype Ubuntu TV at this year’s CES. Ubuntu …

Acer announces world’s thinnest Ultrabook at CES Acer announces world’s thinnest Ultrabook at CES

Ultrabooks are the new norm for consumers looking for powerful yet sleek laptops and Acer just upped the game. Acer unveiled the world’s thinnest Ultrabook at CES with the Aspire S5. The device measures only 15 mm at its largest …

CES 2012: Acer Announces New Cloud Storage Service CES 2012: Acer Announces New Cloud Storage Service
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Cloud storage is everywhere, and one of the biggest PC manufacturers just threw their name in the ring. Acer announced at CES the AcerCloud service which will connect personal smart devices and PCs across their network. The service’s main feature …

CES: A Historical Timeline [Infographic] CES: A Historical Timeline [Infographic]

The Consumer Electronics Show is getting ready to start (January 10). Get ready for a whole lot of news about gadgets. Some will probably blow our minds (at least some of the concept presentations), and some will be lackluster. That’s …

Apple TV, Google TV – Is 2012 the Year They Take Off? Apple TV, Google TV – Is 2012 the Year They Take Off?
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We’ve heard it before and nothing happened, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t, right? I’m referring to the idea of Internet TV that has, up to this point, failed to really take off. But, is 2012 the year that this trend could change? There is a lot of speculation and rumors that indicate that it could.

Google TV To Storm CES Google TV To Storm CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) begins next week, and you can expect a bunch of new Google TV-related offerings to be showcased. Google just announced new offerings to be unveiled by a handful of partners. For one, LG has become …

Following Apple’s Lead, Microsoft Abandons CES Following Apple’s Lead, Microsoft Abandons CES

For well over a decade Microsoft has been a major fixture at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place every January. Microsoft has been involved with the show and its parent organization, the Consumer Electronics Association, for twenty years. …

Netflix Spotted on Android Device, Doesn’t Mean Yours Will Get It

A Netflix app for Android was spotted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which wrapped up yesterday. Verizon, showing off its new LG Revolution 4G phone with Android, showed evidence that the app is indeed in existence. 

Android users have been waiting for a Netflix app for quite some time, and have had to wait idly by while apps for the iPhone, iPad, and even Windows Phone 7 were released. UnwiredView.com posted the following video of the demo, which is now making the rounds: 

Is Augmented Reality the Future of E-Commerce?
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eBay has launched a new version of its eBay Fashion iPhone app. This one lets users virtually try on sunglasses by using their phone’s front-facing camera to capture an image of themselves and fit the sunglasses to their faces. 

Will 2011 Be Even Bigger Than 2010 for Facebook?
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Was last year the year of Facebook or is this year going to be the year of Facebook? 

Skype Gets New Business Version with Group Video Calling
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Today is a big day for Skype. Not only did the company announce its intent to acquire mobile video provider Qik, but they have also launched a new business version of Skype for Windows with group video calling. 

The feature is specifically designed for businesses who are shifting to an anytime/anywhere workplace model to increase employee productivity and collaboration, a spokesperson for the company tells WebProNews. 

Yahoo Brings “Broadcast Interactivity” to Connected TV

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, Yahoo announced that it’s introducing some new connected TV features, partnerships and apps. 

For one, Yahoo announced "Broadcast Interactivity" to launch with select national broadcast and cable TV providers and brand advertisers. The company is collaborating with ABC, CBS, HSN, and Showtime on content for a pilot program in the first half of 2011. Brand advertisers Ford, Mattel and Microsoft are also planning to work with Yahoo on this. 

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Previewed by Andy Rubin
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At the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, Google previewed the next version of Android – 3.0 AKA Honeycomb. VP of Engineering Andy Rubin provided the following explanation of what to expect from Honeycomb, as well as the video below: 

Microsoft 2010 By the Numbers
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Microsoft made a slew of announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). More on that here. The company also revealed a bunch of numbers for 2010 that you might find interesting. 

So, let’s get right to them:


- 8 million: Number of Kinects sold in first 60 days

- 50 million: Xbox 360s sold to date

- 30 million: Number of Xbox LIVE members 

Microsoft Announcements from CES
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The Consumer Elecronics Show (CES) in Vegas has already been a big event for Microsoft, and it doesn’t even end until January 9. CEO Steve Ballmer reflected on the past year, and introduced some elements of where the company is headed. 

Microsoft Said to Be Launching New Windows for ARM Soon
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In a recent article, we asked if Microsoft could compete with the iPad? Well, it would appear that they may be trying in more ways than one. 

Can Microsoft Compete with the iPad?
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Reports indicate that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to unveil some new slates from Samsung and Dell at CES next month that are designed to compete with Apple’s incredibly popular iPad. 

The company has not confirmed, and the sources of the info are unnamed, but evidently trusted by the New York Times, which reports

New Boxee Beta Resolves Over 500 Issues

Update: Boxee has just announced it has released an updated version of the Boxee Beta, after making over 500 adjustments to it. On the Boxee Blog, Avner Ronen writes:

Since releasing the Beta we have seen significant uptake in usage. Some stats:

First-Hand Look at Kia’s Microsoft Embedded UVO Technology

We recently looked at Ford’s office-in-your-truck 2011 Super Duty, which was on display at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. That featured Windows Embedded Auto software from Microsoft, but Ford’s not the only auto maker using this.

We also got an up-close look at tKia’s new UVO (Your Voice) system, which utilizes Windows Embedded Auto for some cool voice controlled features and more:

Polaroid Talks About Lady Gaga’s Role with the Company
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Earlier this month, Polaroid announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Lada Gaga, which will see the pop superstar serving as the company’s creative director for a specialty line of Polaroid Imaging products. This was highlighted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which WebPronews attended.

Intel Shows Off Interesting Way to Access Content

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month, Intel had a lot of things going on. For one, they introduced a whole new family of Intel Core Processors. They also had a cool proof-of-concept device on display. This was something they call the Intel Infoscape.