LG May Exit Smartphone Business

LG’s CEO has sent out a memo to employees warning the company could exit the smartphone business after suffering significant losses.

Microsoft Selected As Technology Partner For Digital CES 2021

Microsoft has been selected as the technology partner for an all-digital CES 2021, slated for January.

After 30,000 Driverless Lyft Rides Consumers Rate it Almost Perfect

After 30,000 real-world driverless Lyft test rides in Las Vegas consumers have rated it an amazing 4.95 Out of 5 says Lyft’s Chief Strategy Officer Raj Kapoor. He says that in the last 12 months the system’s gotten smarter and the ride has gotten smoother.

AT&T CEO Slaps Down 5G Criticism by Verizon and T-Mobile

AT&T CEO John Donovan slapped down recent 5G criticism by Verizon and T-Mobile at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Those companies and some others have criticized them saying AT&T is “slapping 5G stickers” on upgraded 4G phones. Donovan says that is really just not the case.

Data is the Foundation of Innovation

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told his Keynote audience at CES that data has now become the foundation of innovation. Data started as a static tool used by companies to see trends and process information, but it has now reached the…

Netflix Is Now Everywhere

At CES, Netflix made the big announcement that its service is now available worldwide. It’s been saying it was aiming to complete its global expansion in 2016, but I don’t know how many were expecting it to be complete this…

Google Announces New Android TVs, Google Cast Speakers

Google has a few bits of living room news out of CES. These surround both its Android TV and Google Cast lines. On the Android TV front, new TVs from Sony, Sharp, and Philips are being shown off. “Android TV…

CES: Netflix Reportedly Prepares For HDR 4K Streaming

Last year, all of the talk was about 4K Ultra HD, but now that Netflix offers that, it’s on to the next best thing, which is apparently HDR or high dynamic range 4K streaming. And Netflix will reportedly launch this…

CES: Firefox OS Heads To Televisions

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Mozilla announced some new developments for Firefox OS to help expand it into more device categories. These include televisions, and Panasonic announced a lineup of 4K Ultra HD smart TVs powered by…

CES: Sony’s New $1,100 Walkman Can Soon Be Yours (Complete With Outdated Android Jelly Bean)

Sony unveiled its new Walkman at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It will reportedly cost just north of $1,100. Seems pretty reasonable. Business Insider says Sony hasn’t set price for the device yet, but both The Verge and…