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China Gets Tougher Still on Google, Baidu
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The Chinese New Year will begin on January 26th, and for some of the most prominent Internet companies in China, it’s not shaping up to be a good one.  Government officials are going after Google, Baidu, and Sina for distributing "vulgar" content.

China Resumes Web Censorship Tradition
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When people have guests, they tend to shape up.  Parents stop yelling, couples stop arguing, and maybe children don’t make as much of a mess.  Then, when the guests leave, everything goes back to normal, and it appears that China is heading in this direction with respect to banning websites.

FCC Could Lose Broadcast Censorship Authority
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The current FCC is using its numbered days to petition the Supreme Court to uphold its authority over fleeting material in broadcast programming. If Chairman Kevin Martin & Co. fail to get a sympathetic ear from the highest court, the fat lady could be singing one foul tune as failed regulators exit stage right, and that might be a good thing.

Iran Blocks Millions Of Web Sites
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The Iranian government is currently blocking in excess of five million Web sites for hosting content that it deems as unethical and anti-Islamic.

During a conference in Iran, the Prosecutor General Abdolsamad Khoram Abadi said most of the sites were blocked because they "contained unethical content" such as pornography and anti-Islamic sentiment.

Iran Blocks Millions Of Web Sites

German Politician Thinks Better Of Blocking Wikipedia
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German Left Party politician Lutz Heilmann didn’t like some of the claims printed in a Wikipedia article about him.  As a result, Heilmann filed an injunction against the German version of the site, caused a massive outcry, and has now backed down in the face of all the attention.

Google, Yahoo And Microsoft Adopt Human Rights Rules

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are set to adopt a new set of guidelines on how to do business in countries that restrict free speech and expression.

Microsoft Patents Live Audio Censoring

Microsoft filed a patent application several years ago for the censoring of real-time audio streams, and that patent has now been granted. In other words, Microsoft has patented live "bleeping". The patent abstract says:

Malaysian Blogs Shaking Things Up
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The New York Times recently claimed that the "year of the political blogger" has arrived. While that might be a true statement, it is certainly not limited to the American political agendas discussed in that article.

The Malaysia Situation

TechDirt has been keeping an eye on what is happening with blogging in Malaysia, and gives a little background:

Apple Riles Up Comic Fans

Another app has been banned from iTunes. The issue this time wasn’t copyright like that of "Tris." This time it was a matter of censorship, and it wasn’t even strictly in China like the recent "Songs for Tibet" controversy.

IOC Forces YouTube Removal Of Tibet Protest Video
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The presence of the Olympic’s five interlocking rings in a video of a protest against Chinese control of Tibet led to the International Olympic Committee claiming copyright infringement.

Olympics Rings Up China Censorship Deal
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Internet access for reporters covering the Summer Olympics in China suffers the usual blocking instead of the open surfing the press expected to find; they can thank Olympic Committee members for this.

Cisco Says It Does Not Help China Censor Web

Cisco Systems Inc. defended itself against a human rights group’s claims that the company aided Chinese officials in building a "great firewall" to block Internet user’s access to anti-government content.

China Likely To Censor The Web During Games
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China says it can’t promise that it won’t censor the Internet this summer during the Beijing Olympics.

Wang Wei, executive vice president of the Beijing Olympic organizers, had assured the International Olympic Committee that the 30,000 reporters covering the games would have open access to the Internet.

Pirate Bay Opens Uncensored Blogging Service
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Stay on the right side of Swedish laws, and the gleeful operators of The Pirate Bay’s blogging service, Baywords, won’t cave to demands for one’s blog to be taken down.

Google Opposes Anti-Censorship Bid

Some of Google’s shareholders have again tried to make censorship an issue by proposing the search advertising company reject dealing with oppressive governments.

Beijing Shutters Video Sharing Sites

The visuals of protests in Lhasa against Chinese rule of Tibet continue to spook the central Chinese government, which shut down 25 video sharing sites.

China Blocks YouTube Amid Tibet Unrest
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Video sharing site YouTube became unavailable in China as authorities cracked down on protests in neighboring Tibet.

Blogger Busts Chinese Propaganda Photo
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It’s no wonder the Chinese government doesn’t really trust the Internet. It makes it a lot easier to call them out. Darn those democratic institutions! Chinese bloggers and forum members forced a photographer to admit he doctored a photo for the good of the State.

It’s not that there aren’t pregnant chiru antelope in Tibet, it’s just that they’re usually not pregnant in June.

And trains scare them.

Pakistan Shutters YouTube
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Pakistan forced all Internet service providers in the country to block the YouTube Web site for hosting "blasphemous" content it said was offensive to Islam.

Russia’s Medvedev Seems Okay With Online Freedoms

Say what you want about censorship in Russia; the man who will likely become the country’s next president publicly recognized that, at least in theory, the Internet has made the spread of information much freer.Russia's Medvedev Seems Okay With Online Freedoms

China Censors Horror Material
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China says it is banning all audio and video content that features horror related themes according to the General Administration of Press and Publications.

Specifically the banned content includes, "wronged spirits and violent ghost, monsters, demons, and other inhuman portrayals, strange and supernatural storytelling for the sole purpose of seeking terror and horror," the administration said.