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Hidden Cash Philanthropy Is Going Viral

That’s right! I’m here to spread some good news on this lovely Sunday. An anonymous and wealthy property developer in San Francisco with the twitter handle @hiddencash initiated a treasure hunt about a week ago and now it’s spreading internationally. …

Homeless Man Gets $37K From ATM Malfunction

On Thursday morning, an ATM at a TD Bank branch in South Portland, Maine, spit out more than $37,000 to a homeless man, a police official confirmed. Officers were called to the bank at 1:00 am on Thursday, according to …

U.S. Marijuana Policy Needs Overhaul To “Cash Only” Sales

With the Colorado recreational pot explosion slowly gaining the nation’s acceptance, and in the process, proving to the world that recreational marijuana can go off without a hitch, the U.S. Treasury and law enforcement agencies are more accepting of state-sanctioned …

Vegas Cab Driver Finds and Returns $300K

On Monday, a Las Vegas cab driver discovered in his backseat an unimaginable surprise. What Gerardo Gamboa thought was a brown paper bag filled with chocolate was actually loaded with $300,000 cash. After commuting to the Bellagio resort, a doorman …

Facebook Idiot Photographs a Pile of Cash, Gets Robbed

You’ve probably seen him before. Some guy, who probably looks like Scumbag Steve, flashes a wad of cash on Facebook to show everyone what an idiot he is. At webpronews we love it when people act stupid on Facebook. Mostly …

Walmart’s New “Pay With Cash” Feature Lets You Shop Online Without Plastic Walmart’s New “Pay With Cash” Feature Lets You Shop Online Without Plastic

Walmart is looking to expand the reach of its online store by offering customers the chance to pay for their orders with cash. Of course, this new feature will allow shoppers without plastic to take advantage of the many items …

Waitress Sues Police Over $12,000 Tip, Wins

Stacy Knutson, a waitress in Minnesota who sued local law enforcement after police confiscated a $12,000 tip, has been given her money back. The waitress found a box left at her table at the Fryn’ Pan Family Restaurant in Moorhead, …

Sweden: Cash and Coins are Being Used and Accepted Less
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The prevalence of cash and coins in Sweden is diminishing. The shift to make cash money a thing of the past is a controversial move that has impacted its people tremendously. Limitations of a Cashless World Elderly individuals living in …

LeapFish Giving Away Cash For Social Media Presence
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Yes, you read that headline right. It does sound kind of “backwards” to me, as well.

Facebook Has Hit The ‘Cash Positive’ Mark

Facebook is still growing. They’re now at 300 million members—you know, roughly the population of the US. But unlike the US, Facebook has also entered the world of “free cash flow positive.”

Benefits Of Offering Contests and Prizes On Twitter

A few weeks ago I made the mistake of wondering aloud when someone would start offering cash prizes for twitter followers. I had seen people offering physical prizes before, but never cash. A few random people decided to have some fun with me and start saying I was offering cash, so I just decided to run with it.Since this wasn’t a planned event I don’t have the exact numbers but you can see from the graph below I gained about 300 followers

Microsoft Offering Cash Back Of Live Search Usage

Microsoft is all set to follow the footsteps of corporate banks that offer ‘CashBacks’ on Credit Card purchases.