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Yahoo Canada Sets Sail With Canoe

Yahoo Canada has just entered a strategic alliance with another company, and the company, in typical press release-ese, calls itself "a leading local and national interactive media provider of news, entertainment and services."  Yet in what has to be an example of Canadian humor, the company’s name is Canoe.

Facebook Popular In Canada

Toronto is the first North American city to have more than one million subscribers to Facebook according to Calgary based Zinc Research.

Google Frowns On Rogers Injection
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Rogers Internet in Canada provides its subscribers with an advisory when they are approaching their account’s bandwidth limits, by injecting that notice into a web page they are viewing.

Canadians Favor Internet Guidelines At Work
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Canadians think that too much time is being wasted on personal email and Internet use at work. More than half want clearer guidelines from their employers, according to a new poll from Monster.ca.

Paid Search To Take Off In Canada

Canadian revenues from online advertising hit C $1.01 billion (US $894 million) in 2006, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada, a jump of 80 percent in one year.

Ottawa to Hold Auction of the Wireless Spectrum

Tom Peters suggested that for many big companies the words "We’re No Worse Than the Other Guy" could be the company motto emblazoned in gold letters over the entrance.

He was describing banks but according to a recent survey on customer service the cell phone companies are the lowest on the totem pole.

French, Canadians, (Mark) Cuban Go After P2P

Torrents and peer-to-peer networks have had a rough couple of weeks lately. In addition to Cox and Comcast’s recent blocking of torrent sites, file-sharing has been under assault in France and Canada, not to mention from billionaire Mark Cuban.

AdSense Video in UK, Ireland, Canada

As soon as news reached that AOL released Video Ticker there also was an announcement that Google will be introducing AdSense Video Units to Canada, the UK & Ireland.


YouTube Increases Maximum File Size
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One of my chief complaints about YouTube has always related to the crappy video quality.  It now looks like I’ll have to find something else to whine about – the site has increased its limit on files’ sizes by a factor of ten, and files’ lengths still can’t exceed ten minutes.

YouTube Rubs Canada Wrong Way

In no way do I mean to deny Canada its national identity, but, really, Canada and the U.S. are pretty similar.  And this makes the launch of YouTube Canada a rather pointless development.

Google Street View Gains Six New Cities

Street View is one of Google’s most popular programs, and it just got a lot more inclusive.  Users can now take a virtual stroll through Chicago, Pittsburgh, Portland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tucson, which brings the total number of Street View cities up to 15.

Google Street View To Respect Canada’s Privacy
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Canadian people have visible faces, and Canadian cars have legible license plates.  But when Google Street View offers images of Canada, these features will be blurred or otherwise blocked out in order to respect privacy concerns.

Canada Feels Violated By Google Street View

Advocates in Canada’s government are questioning Google’s plans to expand its street-level photography when the privacy rights of individuals could be routinely violated.

Yahoo Eats Up Attention From The Onion

It could be an act of misdirection – “here, watch the funny man while we fire you one by one!” – but things nonetheless took a lighthearted turn at Yahoo when Peter Koechley, Managing Editor of The Onion, came to visit.

Yahoo Creates Canarope

Never mind that, at their closest tips, Canada and Europe are over 1,500 miles apart; in Yahoo’s mind, they’re pretty much one and the same.

MySpace Goes Mobile In Great White North

Social networking site MySpace has formed an exclusive partnership with Rogers Wireless, Canada’s largest wireless services provider to offer MySpace to Roger Wireless customers on select mobile phones.

Google Finance For Canada Plays Peek-a-boo

Google Finance Canada is coming!  Actually, an announcement may have stated that it was already here, but the Official Google Blog has been updated to say, “Oops.  We hit the button too soon.  Watch for news about Google Finance in Canada next Tuesday.”

Canada Is Not A Piracy Haven
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American movie and music interests have pressured Canadian authorities on the adoption of copyright laws similar to ones in the US. Painting Canada as a piracy haven, however, does not seem to reflect reality.

Canadians Embrace Web 2.0

Social networking and blogging among Canadian Internet users is not just for young adults according to a new poll by TNS Canadian facts.

Facebook’s Popularity Climbs In Canada

While writing this article, I searched for “Facebook” on the American Google News site.  That’s all – just “Facebook.”  Yet four of the first six results came from Canada, and this illustrates a new trend: our neighbors to the north are becoming big fans of the social networking site.

Yahoo oneSearch Packs Bags For Canada, Europe

This past week, The Today Show has been running its annual “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?” segment.  Matt traveled to five different countries (including the U.S., which seems like cheating), but Yahoo’s got him beat: Yahoo oneSearch just went “live in beta” in six.