Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Gives Me The Warm & Fuzzies

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My god, there are a lot of quality Super Bowl advertisements that have been leaked before Sunday's big game. You've got the Soup Nazi Acura ad, Audi's perfectly soundtracked vampire-killing ad, Matthew Broderick reliving one of my favorite movies ever, and even dogs barking the Imperial March.

This Budweiser ad, running during the Super Bowl, gives all of those a run for their money.

"Flash Fans" takes a simple premise and turns it into two minutes that might induce some man tears across our neighbor to the north. It begins with this explanation:

We told two Port Credit, Ontario teams we were shooting a documentary about rec league hockey.

We lied.

Throw in some shocked ordinary Joes, some spirited hockey camera work, and a kerfuffle reference and you've got an incredibly solid Super Bowl commercial. Check it out below:

One YouTube commenter sings its praises:

Every person that has ever had a dream of being an athlete, dancer, musician, etc. has dreamed of having an experience like this. These ordinary´╗┐ people had the opportunity to live their childhood dream for 1 night, and I guarantee they'll never forget it... Phenomenal ad, great job Budweiser!

Although giving average people the change to experience something special is a practice that most everyone in the world can get behind, the ad will only be airing in Canada. I don't know about the rest of America, but even as an American who isn't that huge of a hockey fan I wouldn't be upset to see this ad during a commercial break.

Budweiser, I probably won't be drinking your beer during the game, but I must say, as far as advertising goes, you're doing it right.

Josh Wolford
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