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Cadbury Creme Eggs Blow Up, Catch Fire, and Shatter
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The chemists over at The Periodic Table of Videos have prepared for Easter by doing a few experiments on a holiday staple: the Cabury Creme Egg. In the video, the chemists explode Cadbury Creme Eggs in a vacuum, set a …

Cadbury Makes a Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Cake that Looks Just Like Their Google+ Page

Cadbury UK loves their Google+ page so much that they made chocolate bars for the page’s co-founders and a chocolate cake that looks just like the Google+ page. The cake is so ornate that you would think the Cake Boss …

Cadbury’s Google+ Page Used To Announce New Candy Bar Cadbury’s Google+ Page Used To Announce New Candy Bar

Over the past few months, it appears that Google’s got a sweet tooth. Or, if not, then Cadbury is sweet on Google. However you want to define their confectionary canoodling, one thing’s clear: Cadbury likes to make business announcements on …

Google Candy Bars From Cadbury Google Candy Bars From Cadbury
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On its UK Google+ page, candy maker Cadbury shared a photo of a couple of custom candy bars it created in honor of Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Why? Why not? Cadbury says, ‚ÄúRemember our 1kg Dairy Milk+ …

Using TV to Launch Activity on the Web

Although the Cadbury’s Gorilla advert on TV looked like the worst kind of pencil-chasing activity, it became a lot more interesting to me when I noticed how popular it is online

Facebook’s Power Studied

By spending time on Facebook, a person might hope to find a friend, a significant other, or even a job.  I can accept that.  What’s surprising is the power the social network wields over things like candy companies and banks.

Listening to Customers, Not “Bowing to Pressure”

From a business standpoint, one of the critical advantages social media bring to the table is the ability to tap into what important segments of the population are thinking. GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, for example, is on the record claiming that the Fastlane blog has provided him with better intelligence than any traditional form of market research.

Facebook Campaign Saves Departed Candy Bar
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I’ve often had to raise an eyebrow at Facebook’s “cause” groups – African warlords aren’t going to chill out just because a bunch of college kids tell them to.  Odds are excellent that no warlords will even read the students’ pleas.  But Cadbury apparently heard – and listened – to demands for the Wispa candy bar’s return.

Software Testing and Talking

I’ve spent a bit of time this weekend with software and servers.

Cadbury Schweppes Profits Rise

Cadbury Schweppes reported a 1% rise in 2004 profits and the company expects to meet its goals in 2005.