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C++ Popularity Up Slightly, Programmers Debate Its Merits

Despite having shown signs of decline, the C programming language family continues to hold some of the most popular languages. C continues to hold the top spot, followed by Java, then Objective-C, C++, and C#. Out of these top five languages (according to TIOBE Index for this month), C++ is the only one that’s seen a positive change. As TIOBE.com …

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JavaScript Is Encroaching On The C Family’s Turf

The C family of languages is incredibly popular if you go by the TIOBE Programming Community Index. That has not changed going into June 2013, but one language is creeping up fast. TIOBE Software reports that JavaScript has made its way back into the top 10 programming languages for June. It says that the boost in JavaScript use is thanks …

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Last.fm Open Sources Moost, A C++ Library

Last.fm may be well known for its Internet radio services, but the company is also breaking into the open source scene. It’s latest release is sure to pleas all the C++ coders out there. Last.fm’s Marcus Holland-Moritz announced today that moost, it’s C++ library is now available to all under an open source license. He says that moost has been …

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Objective-C Overtakes C++ In July Thanks To Apple

One of the more interesting things to look at each month is the TIOBE Index. It collects all the programming languages and lists the top 20 based on “skilled engineers world-wide, courses and third party vendors.” C and Java are usually battling for the top, but the third position fro July is definitely interesting. The TIOBE Index has found that …

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C Is The Most Popular Programming Language In April

Have you heard of the TIOBE Programming Community Index? It’s a table that lists the ratings of programming languages and tracks their status throughout the developer ecosystem. It’s a good indicator of where a language stands in terms of its general use. April has a few surprises though. It was found that Java is a downward trend from it’s top …

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Programming Languages Are Constantly Evolving

I think that we all can agree that programming is awesome. It brings us everything from computer applications to video games. Anybody who claims that programming is not the bee’s knees has obviously never seen a computer beat people in Jeopardy. This awesome infographic from Silicon Angle shows the how far we have come from the first programming language to …

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