C++ Popularity Up Slightly, Programmers Debate Its Merits

C++ Popularity Up Slightly, Programmers Debate Its Merits

By Chris Crum March 12, 2015

Despite having shown signs of decline, the C programming language family continues to hold some of the most popular languages. C continues to hold the top spot, followed by Java, then Objective-C, C++, and C#. Out of these top five …

Programming Languages Are Constantly Evolving Programming Languages Are Constantly Evolving

I think that we all can agree that programming is awesome. It brings us everything from computer applications to video games. Anybody who claims that programming is not the bee’s knees has obviously never seen a computer beat people in …

Overload Operators the Right Way in C#

It’s a good rule of thumb to overload the equality operators on classes.

C#: Realtime Currency Exchange Class

Soon, I’m facing a new project where the need for up-to-date currency exchanges is crucial.

Validating Strong Passwords in C# and ASP.NET
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It’s always a good idea to have a password policy when creating new applications. A password policy can vary from project to project, but the important part is just to have one to begin with.

C# Programming Aspects and Efficient Types of Training

C# comprises an object-oriented syntax based on the C++ programming language that shares features of several other programming languages (Delphi, Visual Basic and Java being the most prominent names) and places an accent on simplification, reducing the number of symbolic requirements characteristic to other programming languages.

Retrieve Subdomain from a URL in C#

I had to come up with a method that retrieved the subdomain from the current web request on an ASP.NET website.

Working with Weeks in C# (Not That Obvious)
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For some reason, Microsoft didn’t add a Week property to the DateTime class. I never could figure out why.

Assigining a TypeConverter to a Class you Don’t Own

I ran into problems with the XNA Beta1, where by I had a class that had a Vector2 struct in.

C++ – No Fears And Great Books

This is a quick look at a couple of stories on C++, namely why programmers should not feel The Fear of native code, and a quintet of books that should occupy the bookshelves of quality C++ coders.

New NetBeans Pack Supports C/C++

Developers who work in C or C++ can use the NetBeans integrated developer environment to build applications on Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Swaying A Coder Away From Python

One programmer blogged about the powerful attraction he is feeling to C# programming, and departing from six years of tinkering with Python.

XNA Hones C# For Game Programmers

Although it still isn’t ready for prime time, Microsoft did give game developers and C# programmers the chance to take a peek at the first pre-release of the XNA Build at the Game Developers Conference last month.

C Programming References A Quick List

Whether it is C or C# or C++, somewhere there is a website that can help the vaunted programmer find some useful bit for his or her work.