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Britain Getting Faster Internet Thanks To BT

Britain could be seeing faster Internet coming their way courtesy of BT. The Telegraph is reporting that BT has concluded a trial run in Cornwall that offered high-speed fiber broadband to any home or business. They hope to make the technology, and speeds, available to the entire country by Spring of next year. The current high-speed product is called “BT …

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Google Sued by British Telecom over Patent Infringement

British Telecommunications has filed suit against Google over alleged infringement of BT’s patents. The complaint, filed in US Disctrict Court in Delaware, maintains that Google has committed “ongoing and pervasive infringement of BT patents.” British Telecom points to several of Google’s products and services as instances of infringement, including some features of Android, and several non-Android services. For example, the …

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BT To Pour $3 Billion Into UK Broadband

UK based BT said today that it plans to invest $3 billion in super fast broadband providing access to 10 million homes by 2012.

BT says the new broadband will have speeds of up to 100 Mb/s with the potential for speeds of more than 1,000 Mb/s.

The company says its broadband plan will only be rolled out if regulator Ofcom allows it to receive a good return on its investment.

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Phorm Partners With Top ISPs

The word "Phorm" looks like it should be attached to some "Star Trek" alien.  But Phorm is instead a Delaware-based online advertising company, and it has signed deals with ISPs Virgin Media, BT, and TalkTalk.

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BT Publicizes Search Marketing Service

BT Web Clicks, a newly announced search marketing service, aims to help small British businesses by putting sponsored links on search engines.  What’s more, the service offers “guaranteed results*.”

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Google Directs Traffic To Amazon UK

Amazon UK is a giant in its own right, but it turns out that the retailer owes a good portion of its traffic (around 25 percent) to Google.  And with one good deed deserving another, Amazon sends around ten percent of its visitors straight back to the search engine.

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UK Telecom Comes Down Against Traffic Shaping

It’s often considered lazy writing to start a piece with a quote, but I think that, in this case, it might be necessary. 

Wikipedia calls traffic shaping “an attempt to control computer network traffic in order to optimize or guarantee performance, low latency, and/or bandwidth.” 

And now that you know that, know this: a major British telecom does not favor traffic shaping.

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