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Facebook Makes It Easier To Market Brand Pages

Facebook is about to release their first quarterly earnings as a public company. Their responsibility is to their share holders now who expect the social networking giant to keep bringing in the money. One of those methods is by getting more brands on board. Of course, brands aren’t going to go for Facebook unless they have the tools necessary to …

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Wii U Facebook Page Starts To Tease Console’s E3 Showing

Earlier this week, Nintendo revealed its massive E3 campaign that would take advantage of every social media platform on the planet. One of the components of the campaign was that the company would use Facebook as a platform to stream its E3 press conference. It seems that the company’s Facebook use won’t be limited to just that as the brand …

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Twitter Launches Branded Pages in Japan

You got it, brand pages from Twitter advertising are now available in Japan, and DoCoMo (page pictured above) is one of the first to take advantage of the the space. DoCoMo is Japan’s largest mobile operator. So far the US the UK and now Japan are the only countries to get Twitter brand pages. TNW reports that DoCoMo, Lawson & …

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Facebook Hiding Spam Comments, Adding Comment Permalinks

Do you ever get those comments on your Facebook wall posts that are just mean, hateful or just stupid? You can remove them as the admin of a page, but Facebook is making it easier for page admins to hide those kinds of comments. The Facebook + Journalists page has posted a photo that details the changes coming to the …

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Twitter Brand Pages Said To Get Even More Changes This Year

It wasn’t that long ago that Twitter brand pages got an overhaul. In fact, it was about a month ago if you’re going by when the redesign started rolling out to more brands. Not to be outdone by Facebook, however, Twitter is already planning more changes, according to AdAge. The publication is reporting that brands that spend money to advertise …

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