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Justin Bieber Celebrates 21st Birthday, Dances Topless

Justin Bieber turned 21 on March 1st, and in addition to renting out a Caribbean island for his birthday bash, he danced topless with his guests. The ‘Baby’ singer, who long dated singer and actress Selena Gomez, was in the company of some gorgeous ladies for his 21st birthday bash. In addition to Hailey Baldwin, (some say he and Baldwin …

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Tom Daley Has A Boyfriend; “It Felt Right”

Olympic diver Tom Daley surprised his fans by revealing he is dating a man, despite previously dating girls. The 19-year-old diver, who won a bronze medal in London 2012 Olympics, revealed the news on Monday in a¬†YouTube video. Daley says he is in a serious relationship with a guy and said he feels happier and safer in his new relationship. …

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Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend Video Destroys YouTube Records

Justin Bieber’s latest video is a record-breaker. Imagine that. In order to help promote the ridiculously famous singer’s latest album, the slightly misshapen marketing wizards working behind-the-scenes posted the video for Bieber’s single “Boyfriend” on YouTube. You know, in hopes that one or two people would happen by, click PLAY, and then tell all of their closest friends just how …

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