Xenia Deli Appears in Justin Bieber's Upcoming Music Video, Says She Wouldn't Date Him

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Xenia Deli appears in Justin Bieber's upcoming music video for his song "What Do You Mean?" The two appear to be romantically involved in the steamy video. Xenia Deli makes it very clear that she wouldn't date the Biebs, however. Her reason is very intriguing.

“I need a man with a different job, this for me is too much. I am a jealous person. I just need someone who is sitting in an office with a man secretary," Xenia Deli said during a recent interview with Access Hollywood.

The gorgeous model is really very insightful. She went on to explain that until she was cast in his music video, she wasn't even a Justin Bieber fan.

“Um...no, I haven’t because I usually listen to Russian music because I miss home so much, and at least listening to Russian music makes me feel like home. But when I got this job, I started searching for his songs. I like some of them. I like his song “Boyfriend” a lot and of course, right now, my favorite one for all my life is “What Do You Mean,”" she said.

When Xenia Deli went on the casting call for this music video, she wasn't told it was for a Justin Bieber song or that it would also star Justin Bieber.

“It was a secret, but after we got the audition, a producer told us it was going to be a Justin Bieber music video. The first time I met him was actually on the first day of the shoot,” she explained.

Kudos to Xenia Deli for knowing that someone like Justin Bieber wouldn't be the right kind of guy for her to date. Hopefully she doesn't get caught up in the Hollywood scene now that she's a music video star. Sometimes it's easy to lose your perspective when more fully immersed in the culture.

Xenia Deli knows what she likes and doesn't like right now--and admits that she's the jealous type. Practically any Hollywood celebrity would come with the same pitfalls Justin Bieber brings--the kind Deli knows she wouldn't be able to handle.

Fans are no doubt thrilled with her, however, for sharing with them what Justin Bieber smells like.

Thank you, Xenia Deli?

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