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Seafaring Smugglers May Pose Threats for Coast Guard

As awareness increases along the border of the U.S., smugglers have resorted to seafaring methods in order to transport drugs. The U.S. Coast Guard, which patrols 95,000 miles of coastline, has continually upheld the responsibility of keeping a watchful eye over the waters. However, recent budget cuts have made this responsibility challenging. In 2013, the Coast Guard reduced operating costs …

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U.S.-Canada Border Shooting Suspect Arrested

The U.S. border with Canada is generally more peaceful than the U.S. border with Mexico, but an incident this week shows that the northern border is also used for drug smuggling. A drug bust that took place this week in both Washington state and British Columbia means that parties in the Northwest U.S. will be a bit more demure over …

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Google Maps Nearly Ignited War Between Nicaragua & Costa Rica In 2010

Google, it seems, should stick to playing RISK when it comes to defining the borders that separate dominions of countries – especially when the involved countries already have a history of border disputes. However, Google has Google Maps, as you know, and one of the main things that makes maps so useful is the demarcation of borders (otherwise, what’s the …

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Google Aids Borders With Local Availability Tool

Early this week, Borders announced a new version of its website on which users could (sometimes) employ Google Books to preview a novel.  Now, the two organizations are building on that relationship, as would-be Borders shoppers should be able use Google Product Search to determine whether a local store has a given piece of merchandise in stock.

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Borders Launches Online Textbook Marketplace

Borders has launched a new "Textbook Marketplace" that allows users to buy and sell new and used textbooks.

The Marketplace features more than 1.4 million titles including a selection of used textbooks at a savings of up to 90 percent. Users can also earn cash via the site’s used textbook buyback option.

"College students spend nearly $1,000 each year on textbooks according to some estimates. That’s a sizable financial burden for students and families, especially in this challenging economic climate," said Borders CEO Mike Edwards.

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Borders Rolls Out eBook Store

Borders has launched its own branded eBook store, powered by eReading service Kobo.

The company says its goal is to capture 17 percent of the eBook market by July of 2011. Borders’ eBook store launches with more than 1.5 million titles, available in a number of formats, including ePub, mobile and PDF.

"The race to emerge as a retail leader within the digital category is just starting," said Mike Edwards, Chief Executive Officer for Borders, Inc.

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Borders Gears Up To Sell Kobo eReader

Borders has rolled out its campaign to promote the Kobo eReader, which will launch next month along with its eBook store.

Borders is now taking pre-orders for the Kobo eReader, which retails for $149 and will be available on June 17. The eReader will come preloaded with 100 classic books.

The upcoming Borders eBook store will carry over a million titles and will allow consumers to purchase books through its website and via free Borders apps available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, as well as the iPad and PCs.

Read More Adds Social Features has partnered with Bazaarvoice, a social commerce applications provider to offer user rating and reviews on its recently launched Web site.

Borders said its working with Bazaarvoice because it helps create a "Compelling and interactive online experience."

"When you walk through a Borders store, you quickly realize that customer conversations are an essential part of the shopping experience," said Kevin Ertell, senior vice president of e-business for Borders Group, Inc.

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Borders closes to Amazon

Bookselling chain decides competing with on book sales will be a better prospect than the now-ended partnership with the online retailing giant.

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Borders Launches New Web Site

Borders Group Inc. has launched its own ecommerce site after a year and a half of development and testing.

The new site will allow customers to shop online and will also be available on in-store kiosks for people to use while they shop.

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Amazon’s Answer to MP3 Competition?

Borders ends its online sales relationship with Amazon in April and is exploring the addition of a download an mp3 only download store to its new online offering.

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Borders Prepares For Launch Of Online Site

Borders online relationship with will end in April when the book retailer will strike out on its own with the launch of its new site.

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